Balannup wastewater pipeline

Installing a new wastewater pipeline and pump station upgrade in the City of Armadale

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Project goal:

We are upgrading wastewater infrastructure to accommodate population growth.



Delivery Date:


What’s happening?

We are constructing a below-ground wastewater pipeline and upgrading an existing pump station in the City of Armadale to cater for population growth. The infrastructure will provide services to the Balannup sewer area which includes the suburbs of Piara Waters, Harrisdale and Southern River.

Where is this happening?

The pipeline will start at Collared Street pump station in Harrisdale and continue on Keane and Hanlin Road to Waterworks Road pump station in Haynes.


When is this happening?

Construction began in late March 2019 and will be completed in late 2019.

The work will be completed in stages and majority of work will be completed on weekdays between 7am and 5pm.

Our authorised contractor, Georgiou, will complete this work on our behalf.

How will this impact the community?

Pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle access to the Harrisdale Senior High School will be maintained at all times and we will endeavour to complete work during school holidays and weekends where possible.

This construction work will require a one-lane road closure in sections, and may result in some traffic congestion and delays. The crossing at Armadale Road and Tonkin Highway will use trenchless methods to minimise disruption to road users. We encourage drivers to plan ahead to seek alternative routes or allow for extra travel time.

Verge parking along the pipeline route may be temporarily unavailable, and pedestrian footpaths and access to a portion of Jim and Alma Baker Park may be restricted for short periods throughout construction for safety reasons. Temporary surfacing will be used to maintain access to any impacted driveways.

Our contractor, Georgiou, will be in contact with affected properties prior to construction including an offer for a dilapidation survey. We are committed to ensuring that any area impacted by our work, including home verges and driveways, will be returned as close to original condition as possible.

Who can I contact?

For enquiries specifically related to construction, please contact David Bradley, Georgiou Project Manager on 0447 805 001.

For all other queries and to provide feedback, please contact Advisor Community Engagement Lara Fox on or phone (08) 9420 2985. 


We've recently completed work to upgrade wastewater infrastructure in Harrisdale and Forrestdale. We appreciate your feedback and would like you to help us by taking our survey.


Upcoming work

View the maps and tables for start dates and estimated completion.

Balannup map of works

Balannup map of works

Area Stage Expected start (2019)  Expected completion (2019)
Greenshank Rd  1  Complete  Complete
Keane Rd - Anstey Keane Dampland - intersection  1b  Complete  Complete
Jim and Alma Baker Park/ Peaceful Vista/Welcome Meander  6  Mid-August Complete
Beltana St  3  Complete  Complete
Keane Rd - Beltana St - Skeet Rd  4  Complete  Complete
Keane Rd - High School  7   Complete  Complete
Keane Rd - Anstey Rd - Allen Rd  2  Complete  Complete
Keane Rd - Allen Rd - Hanlin Rd  5   Complete  Complete
Tonkin Hwy - Waterworks  8  Complete  Complete
Collier Street Pump Station    Mid-September  Complete
 Hanlin Rd - Armadale Rd - Tonkin Hwy    8 August  Complete
Anstey Rd Crossing    Late August  Complete

In October 2014 we referred the Balannup Wastewater Pressure Main project to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). At this time the EPA requested more information to enable them to set a level of assessment for the project. This was provided and the EPA re-advertised the proposal on in March 2016 for a further public comment period. 

In May 2016 the EPA announced it will formally assess our proposal and that the assessment is warranted at the level of an Assessment on Proponent Information: Category A (API: A). You can read the EPA’s statement, or see the EPA’s determination via their website.

On January 23, 2017, the Environmental Protection Authority announced its recommended approval for the relevant project. To review the EPA relevant report please visit the EPA website.

On October 3, 2017, the Minister for Environment gave environmental approval relevant for the proposal. For more information, read the Ministerial Statement

Environmental plans & reports

Please note that due to the large size of some of the following documents, copies are available on request by contacting our Community Engagement team via email

Construction methods

We are proposing to use an innovative trenchless construction technique to install the pressure main within the confines of Bush Forever Site 342. Application of this ploughing technique would allow the pressure main to be established:

  • in the confines of an existing firebreak, which is degraded and devoid of vegetation
  • without open-trench excavation and dewatering, which would expose Acid Sulphate Soils and trigger associated risks
  • within a short timeframe, ensuring negligible impact to fauna movements.

Watch this video for a demonstration of the EcoPlough technology.

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