Beenyup Wastewater Treatment Plant Works

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Project goal:

To fix a fault with the digesters



Delivery Date:

End of October 2017

What's happening?

Works to fix a fault with the digesters at the Beenyup Wastewater Treatment Plant are now complete.

This fault resulted in more biogas than usual being released via the digester’s pressure relief valves and was identified as a cause of odour in the surrounding area.

The digesters take the sludge that comes from the wastewater treatment process and use bacteria to break it down. Biogas is produced in the digesters during this process and the valves ensure it is released at set pressure points.

Now that these works are complete, we expect odour in the area surrounding the plant to improve.

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To report odours, please contact our 24 hour Faults, Emergencies and Security line on 13 13 75.

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