Beenyup Wastewater Treatment Plant Works

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Project goal:

To fix a fault with the digesters


In planning

Delivery Date:


What is happening?

There is currently a technical issue in part of the process at the Beenyup Wastewater Treatment Plant which may result in intermittent odours.

The odours are the result of an issue with the equipment that controls the amount of biogas released during the digester process, which breaks down sludge removed from the wastewater treated at the plant. Due to the equipment fault, more biogas than usual may have to be released from these valves.

There is no health risk associated with these intermittent odours.

When will the issue be resolved?

The fault has occurred on a specialised piece of equipment that requires customised parts from overseas. We are not yet able to anticipate a timeframe for repair however we will provide an update as soon as we have further information.

Who to contact?

We ask you to continue to report odours via our 24-hour Faults, Emergencies and Security line on 13 13 75 so reports can be appropriately followed up.

We apologise for any discomfort these intermittent odours may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to rectify this.

Project update – December 2019

We have ordered the equipment required to repair the odour control system. The equipment has been ordered from overseas and is scheduled to arrive on site in early 2020.

Once arrived, it will take around one month to install, with all issues set to be resolved by April 2020.

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