Bold Park Reservoir maintenance work

Ensuring the reservoir’s storage ability is maintained and the reliability of supply is continued for local residents.

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Project goal:

Ensuring the reservoir’s storage ability is maintained and further improving the reliability of supply to local residents.


In construction

Delivery Date:

Mid-July 2018 - Mid-April 2019

What's happening?

We are currently undertaking essential work to upgrade the water infrastructure at the Bold Park Reservoir site. Please view this information for further details on this work.

Over this period there will be excavation and repair work taking place in the area, including the replacement of existing pies, valves and valve buildings.

We will also be replacing the existing fence alongside the public walkway adjacent to Bold Park Reservoir in the coming weeks. It is expected that this work will commence during the week starting Monday 25 March and will be completed by Thursday 18 April 2019. This work will include construction of a small retaining wall, which will help prevent material washing over the current walkway. This fence replacement work will take place between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and between these times this path will be closed to the public. After 5pm, and over the weekend, the walkway will be open for public use. Alternative walking routes are available along Kalinda Drive, Oceanic Drive and Bold Park Drive.

Community impacts

  • Local residents may experience low-level construction noise from general construction activities and the use of machinery to complete this work, including excavators, cranes and loaders.
  • People walking along the Kulbardi walking trail directly alongside the reservoir's fence will notice this work occurring  and project signage will be in place.
  • We are aware that the Rainbow Bee Eater is nesting on the banks of the where this work is being undertaken. We have taken measures to ensure their nests and breeding activities are not disturbed and will continue to do this throughout this work.
  • The banks of the reservoir will be reinstated, so the birds will be able to continue to nest in this area in the future.


Work will take place between normal working hours of 7am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday throughout the project.

If you have any questions regarding this work, please direct them to Elecia Wheat, Advisor - Community Engagement, Water Corporation via email or call (08) 9420 3265.

For more technical enquiries, please contact Ben Shaw, Valmec Project Manager on 0427 293 381.


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