Repair work to Victoria Park Drive, Burswood

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Project goal:

Repair work to Victoria Park Drive, Burswood


In construction

Delivery Date:

July- November 2018

What’s happening?

Last year Water Corporation completed work to construct a water main under Victoria Park Drive, to supply water to the new Perth Stadium. As part of our standard post-construction process we do routine inspections. Recently we have noticed some dipping in the surface of the road in some sections along Victoria Park Drive, with a pothole forming near the intersection of Vasse Rise. 

Repair work is being carried out from Monday to Sunday 7am to 7pm,  until the end of October 2018. Work will continue throughout November with work days and times to be confirmed.  

We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption caused by these essential repair works. Thank you to the local community for their patience and cooperation during this time.

Work Schedule

Previously we informed you work would continue until the end of October. Following a review of the work schedule and outstanding work to be completed, work is expected to continue until the end of November 2018.

To expedite the work, construction work will take place on Sunday 14, 21 and 28 October 2018. An update on the work schedule for November will be provided at the end of October.   

On Friday 19 October 2018 after 2pm, all lanes will be opened to service an event at Optus Stadium.

Repair Work lane closures and temporary detours until the end of October 2018

  • Victoria Park Drive northbound lanes are closed after the Glenn Place roundabout to approximately 150m north of Vasse Rise.
  • The Bow River Cres intersection remains open – this is the only entry and exit point for drivers into the Peninsula Estate.
  • All northbound traffic (entering Victoria Park Dr from Great Eastern Hwy) will need to detour at the Glenn Pl roundabout via Bolton Ave, Camfield Dr, Roger Mackay Dr, to travel south bound along Victoria Park Dr to enter the Peninsula Estate via Bow River Cres.
  • Bow River Cres remains open for south bound traffic on Victoria Park Dr to enter the Peninsula Estate.
  • Bow River Cres remains open for exiting the Peninsula Estate onto Victoria Park Dr southbound only (“no left turn” signs in place).

Main Roads and traffic management specialists have advised against contraflow traffic (run traffic one lane north and one lane south) on the sound bound side of Victoria Park Drive. This is the safest way we can manage traffic for this repair work.

Download the Victoria Park Drive detour map [PDF 248KB]

Why can't you just leave the right hand (fast) lane northbound open all the time?

Unfortunately we can't have the right (fast) lane northbound open when we are completing our repair work as we need the space of both northbound lanes for our machinery, equipment and work crews in order to complete the work safely. On event days we are required to stop all work and either temporarily reinstate and / or isolate any work areas, in order to be able to reopen the right (fast) lane northbound.

What is required and how long will repairs take?

At this stage we do not know the exact duration required for this permanent repair work, as the methodology to repair differs along the pipeline route. However, we believe this could take about three months to finish all sections.

Work is required at all three intersections into the estate (Bow, The Circus and Vasse). Therefore we are scheduling the work in stages to help with the traffic management in and out of the Peninsula estate. We are doing our best to try to balance the safety of our work crew and road users, with that of the impact of people living in the Peninsula Estate.

Is the pipe leaking?

No. Our pressure testing of the water main has shown it is operating effectively, so we have been able to rule out leaks from our pipe as a cause.

Who is doing the work?

The investigation and testing work was done by GALT Geotechnics and Civcon is our authorised contractor to complete the work.

What are you doing to manage the presence of contaminants in the soil?

This area is an old landfill site. Geotechnical investigations conducted in September 2016 identified the presence of asbestos buried within some of the soil along Victoria Park Drive. As such, we are operating the repair work under an Asbestos Management Plan to ensure the site contractors have appropriate controls to manage any potential buried material in a way that protects workers, members of the general public and the environment.  Monitoring and dust control measures form part of this plan. We followed a similar plan when constructing the water main in 2017.

For any asbestos related enquiries please contact CIVCON Project Manager, Luke Yanev 0403 367 916.

Why are there workers wearing full suited protective gear?

You may notice workers wearing full suited personal protective clothing on-site as a precautionary measure. This is to protect those working directly with and in close proximity to any potentially impacted soils.

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We understand this work is disruptive to local residents in the Burswood precinct. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this essential work.


Luke Yanev CIVCON Project Manager, 0403 367 916

Robert Sherlock Quality Assurance, Water Corporation T: 0408 239 318

Larissa Stanley, Community Engagement Water Corporation
E: T: 9420 2789

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