City Beach 2A infill sewerage project

2A project area.

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Project goal:

Complete infill sewerage works in this area



Delivery Date:

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Our authorised contractor, Rob Carr, has installed reticulation sewers in City Beach.

Residential lots bordered by Dampier Avenue in the north, Kalinda Drive in the east, Yanagin, Templetonia and Lentara Crescent in the south and West Coast Highway in the west have received access to the central wastewater system.

This work has eliminated the need for septic tanks and leach drains and has allowed 341 residential lots to connect to the central wastewater system.

We thank the local community for their patience and cooperation while this important work was carried out.

Who to contact

For all community related enquiries, please contact Community Engagement Advisor, Chantelle Blight via email or phone (08) 9420 2057.

For after-hours assistance please contact our 24 hour Faults, Emergencies and Security line on 13 13 75.

The Infill Sewerage Program is a Western Australian Government initiative which we administer. It aims to provide sewerage connections to properties where the use of septic tanks poses a risk to public health and the environment.

Infill sewerage is a system of buried pipes that takes wastewater away from residential properties for safe treatment and disposal.

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