Cunderdin 75ML water storage facility

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Project goal:

Improve security of the Goldfields and Agricultural Water Supply Scheme


In construction

Delivery Date:

October 2016 – April 2018

Current situation

The Goldfields and Agricultural Water Supply Scheme (G&AWS) serves customers in WA’s Wheatbelt and Goldfields communities.

The main water conduit from Perth to Kalgoorlie runs through Cunderdin, where a series of pump stations and an unroofed, rock-lined storage reservoir are located.

This project involves the development of a 75 million litre water storage facility on Water Corporation-owned land approximately 5km west of the Cunderdin town site.

The proposed water storage facility at Lot 71 Great Eastern Highway, Cunderdin will replace the current storage reservoir arrangement at Cunderdin to:

  • meet the long-term supply security needs of G&AWS customers 
  • improve system operability, energy efficiency and flexibility
  • address seasonal and other system demand variabilities. 

Project details

This work involves construction of:

  • two 37.5 million litre water storage tanks, each approximately 64 metres in diameter and 13 metres high, finished in a light blue / grey colour
  • an overflow sump
  • two 900 millimetre diameter water mains of approximately 1000 metres in length, crossing the Great Eastern Highway, to link in with the existing Perth to Kalgoorlie pipeline
  • a site access track from Great Eastern Highway to the tank site. 

Watch a visualisation of the proposed works: 

Project timing

Construction is expected to start in October 2016 and be complete in April 2018.

The community will be provided with regular updates on this work, including traffic management details when we connect the new tanks to the existing scheme.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback, please call the Project Manager, Mr Russell Brown, on (08) 9420 2186 or on

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