Dalwallinu water supply improvements

Improving Dalwallinu's water supply.

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Project goal:

Providing security of supply, catering for future growth and delivering a more consistent water pressure for customers


In construction

Delivery Date:

January 2019

What's happening?

We will be constructing a new 2 million litre concrete storage tank, 2 new booster pump stations and 2.2 km of new water supply pipeline in the Shire of Dalwallinu. The infrastructure will provide security of supply and cater for future growth and development in the Shire, along with delivering a more consistent water pressure for customers in the area.

When will this be happening?

Work started in mid-February 2018 and was completed in January 2019. 

Community benefits

  • Increase capacity of town's water storage.
  • Increase security of supply.
  • Cater for future growth and development in the town.
  • Provide consistent pressure for customers.
  • Progress of work and current impacts

    Work already complete:

    Dalwallinu tank and pump station

    • The access road to the tank has been constructed.
    • The concrete slab for the pump station has been constructed.
    • The fencing around the tank site has been installed.
    • All mains connected to the tank have been connected.
    • All road verges have been restored, where we've installed the new pipeline.

    Pithara pump station

    • The access road to the pump station and the new fencing around this site has been installed.
    • All mechanical and electrical work has been completed.

    Upcoming work:

    Dalwallinu tank and pump station

    • Completing final connections to bring the new pipeline and tank into operation.
    Pithara pump station
    • Turning the pumps on to bring the new pump station into operation.

    Will this work impact me?

    Current impacts:

    On Monday 22 October, 2018 we will be completing work to connect the newly constructed two million litre water storage tank and 2.2km of water supply pipeline in the town of Dalwallinu.

    As a result of this work, customers in Dalwallinu may experience temporary discolouration of their water supply for up to 24 hours after the connections are made. If this occurs, the water is still safe to drink. If you experience discoloured water:

    1. Run the outside garden tap at the front of your property for a few minutes, until the water clears.

    2. Repeat the step above for an outside tap at rear of your property.

    3. Call us on 13 13 75 if the water does not clear.

    4. Do not use washing machines, dishwashers or other water-using appliances until the water is clear.

    For any prolonged water supply issues please call Water Corporation's24 Hour Faults, Emergencies and Security Line on 13 13 75.

    Customers should not experience any interruption to water supply during this work and water pressure will be maintained.   

    Overall impacts:

    Local residents in these areas should expect medium-level noise from trucks, an excavator digging earth and laying pipework, operation of a mobile crane and the use of power tools. We also request that road verges be kept clear over this period.

    Traffic management will be in place and road users will be asked to keep to the reduced speed limit, which will be indicated through signage in these areas.


    Dalwallinu water supply improvements map


    More information

    If you have any questions regarding this work, please contact Water Corporation Community Engagement Advisor, Elecia Wheat, via email at Elecia.Wheat@watercorporation.com.au or call (08) 9420 3265.

    We will update you again when we move to the next stage of this work.

    To speak directly to the contractor completing this work, please contact Project Manager DM Civil, Phillip Morrison, on 0447 169 782. 

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