Ellenbrook Roxburge wastewater pipeline

We're upgrading wastewater infrastructure in Ellenbrook.

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Project goal:

Upgrading wastewater infrastructure in Ellenbrook.


Commencing soon

Delivery Date:

February 2020

What's happening?

Our authorised contractor, Civcon, will soon commence work to upgrade wastewater services in the City of Swan. The work includes 2.4km of 200mm, 250mm nominal diameter wastewater pressure main and 375mm gravity sewer.

Where is this happening?

Please refer to the map below for location of works

Map of planned wastewater upgrades in Ellenbrook

Why is this taking place?

We are upgrading Ellenbrook’s wastewater system to improve wastewater services in the City of Swan and cater for the growing population.

When is this happening?

Work is expected to begin in September 2019 and is estimated to be completed by December 2019. The majority of work will be completed Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm as approved by your local council. Some night work may be required – we will provide notification once this is confirmed.

How will this impact the community?

Nearby residents will notice more noise and activity along the pipeline with low-level vibrations and dust present. Residents will be informed about any impacts to their properties during the work, including driveways or paving. Please be assured that any affected areas will be reinstated as close as possible to their condition prior to the work. If any trees, shrubs, or lawn needs to be removed, they will be replaced and the area restored.

Traffic management

The majority of work will take place in the verge and road reserves. In order to safely conduct this work, there will be traffic management in place during construction to direct road users and pedestrians safely around the work. A one lane road closure will be in place to enable excavations and pipe installation as the project progresses.


As part of this work, some vegetation is required to be cleared to allow sufficient access to lay the pipe. We will work with the City of Swan to replace the trees and revegetate after construction work is complete.

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How is work progressing?

Construction began in October 2019, with 2.3 kilometres of the pipeline now having been installed to date.

During site investigation work, multiple services were discovered to be within the excavation boundary at the intersection of Farnborough Parkway and Bordeaux Lane. These services will need to be relocated by the asset owners before work can progress. The construction team will stop work over the Christmas period and return to work towards the end of January 2020 to allow the relocations to take place.

Upcoming road closure for Bordeaux Lane & Farnborough Parkway

The last section of work, scheduled to take place at the end of January 2020, will consist of 100m of microtunnelling and installation of a new access chamber at Bordeaux Lane which will allow connection to the existing system. This requires a full road closure at the intersection of Bordeaux Lane and Farnborough Parkway in The Vines in order to carry out a deep excavation.

Further details regarding the timing of the road closure will be provided in due course. Due to the excavation required at this intersection, the road will be closed for the full duration of the work which is expected to take around four to five weeks to complete.

Please note that there will be some changes to school bus routes 759 and 760 as a result of the road closure. Please refer to the Transperth website for more information.

See below map for the location of the road closure.

Ellenbrook Road Closure


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