Evermore Heights mains (scheme) connection

Find out more about the connection of irrigation systems in Evermore Heights to our mains (scheme) water supply.

What is happening?

Since 1 September 2016, Evermore Heights residents have had control over the amount of water used on the garden due to the end of the third pipe irrigation scheme trial.  A close out report was produced which evaluates the objectives set at the establishment of the scheme and examines the lessons learnt from operating and closing down the scheme.

Satterley Property Group arranged for garden reticulation to be disconnected from the third pipe scheme to our mains (scheme) water supply. The scheme already supplies water to the rest of your household and property.

What support is available to assist me through this change?

To assist account holders through this change, a one-off $242 credit was shown on Evermore Heights’ property water bills. This is the equivalent of a 1 year supply of garden water and is based on Perth's annual average water consumption of 120,000L for garden/outdoor use.

Free waterwise irrigation system check and controller setting service

We want to help you get your irrigation controller set up correctly for the warmer months ahead. You can then be confident you're watering your garden efficiently and minimising the water required to keep it healthy.

A Waterwise Garden Irrigator will visit your property to provide this service that will include:

  • checking and setting your irrigation controller to best suit the needs of your lawn and garden while optimising its efficiency and ensuring it is compliant with your allocated watering days
  • controller backup battery replacement (if required)
  • advice on the best treatments for your existing lawn and gardens
  • a system test to identify and rectify broken, missing or incorrect sprinkler heads
  • instruction on how to use your controller including a demonstration of how to make seasonal adjustments
  • a personalised irrigation controller programming card for future reference.

This free offer is only available for a limited time to customers who have recently been changed over from third pipe irrigation to scheme irrigation.

To register, please contact DBM Landscapes at water@dbmlandscapes.com.au or phone 0402 818 940.

Community information session

A community information session was held on Thursday 4 August to answer questions and explore ideas and options around water efficiency programs to support Evermore Heights residents. 

Frequently asked questions

Ultimately, the decision was made as the scheme was not viable. It did not encourage the right behaviours around efficient water use and therefore did not achieve the environmental benefits that were targeted.

Additional costs such as groundwater licencing fees, and the duplication of water supply infrastructure made the scheme very expensive to install and operate when compared to the benefits it delivered.

The third pipe scheme was installed in good faith as and all partners hoped it would provide a breakthrough in sustainable water management practices. Unfortunately, in this case the scheme was found not to be viable to continue.

The developers ran a number of free 'Sustainable Living' workshops throughout the development to promote waterwise practices. However, a requirement for additional communication and education may be a learning from the Evermore Heights scheme.

While water use was a factor in the decision, it wasn’t the only factor. The scheme was not viable. Additional costs such as groundwater licencing fees, and the duplication of water supply infrastructure made the scheme very expensive to install and operate when compared to the benefits it delivered.

All project partners are taking learning from this trial to better understand how we can encourage sustainable water management practices in residential developments.

A report is being developed to outline learnings from Evermore Heights that will influence the creation of any future third pipe schemes.

Perth’s annual average water consumption is 120,000 litres for garden/outdoor use, which costs around $242 per year.

Average annual household use for garden/outdoor purposes in Evermore Heights is around 208,000 litres. If residents had been paying for this consumption the cost to you would have been around $440 per year.

We’re here to help you manage water use in your home and on your garden and this is important to help manage your costs.

To assist you through this transition to a user pays system, you will receive a $242 credit on your property’s water bill. This credit is equivalent to 1 year’s supply of garden water based on Perth’s annual average water consumption of 120,000 litres for garden reticulation. The $242 credit will appear in this next bill in full.

In addition, a series of water efficiency options will be offered to households to assist in the transition from the third pipe scheme. As a result of the feedback gathered from customers, Water Corporation will put together a program of activities that will reflect the community’s desires. Find out more:

Water efficiency options for Evermore Heights

Your garden was installed in line with Evermore Heights’ landscaping criteria which required drought tolerant plants and turf and minimal turf areas.

A garden like this can survive and thrive on 2 days a week watering. To help you save water in your garden while maintaining a healthy garden you can check out our water saving tips.

Your property was fitted with a Holman Pro 469 irrigation controller and at time of installation all sprinkler heads present as part of your irrigation system were matched to the requirements of the type of area (lawn or garden) that they are watering.

Correctly programed and maintained, your irrigation system will more than sufficiently cater for the needs of your lawn and garden based on a 2 day a week roster. Whenever any sprinkler heads need replacing they should be done like for like in order to maintain the maximum water efficiency potential of your irrigation system.

Contact us

For more information please email waterwise.towns@watercorporation.com.au or phone 1300 133 646.

For any information relating to the Evermore Heights development and the third pipe trial please contact Amy Blundell from Satterley on (08) 9368 9185 or amyb@satterley.com.au.