Geraldton new water supply main

Improving the water supply to the northern region of Geraldton.

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Project goal:

To improve the water supply to the northern region of Geraldton


In construction

Delivery Date:

October 2019

What’s happening?

We’re constructing 10.7 kms of underground water supply main from Edward Road pump station to the Nanson Road tank to improve the water supply to the northern Geraldton region.

Where is this happening?

 Areas impacted by planned water supply interruption.

Geraldton new water supply main including suburbs impacted

Why is this work taking place?

We're improving the water supply to the northern Geraldton region.

When is this happening?

Working hours will be 7am - 6pm Monday to Saturday and 9am - 5pm on Sunday throughout the project.

How will this impact the community?

As part of this work we are required to connect the new pipeline to the existing Nanson Road tank.

This work will occur within our existing site, which is located near the corner of Chapman Valley Road and Webber Road in Waggrakine.

Local residents residing along Chapman Valley Road, Albert Road and Webber Road, within the vicinity of this site, will notice periods of louder construction noise throughout this work, (however this will mainly occur within daylight hours and be avoided (where possible) earlier in the morning or later in the evening).

This noise will mainly occur when pipes are being cut and breaking of concrete. Other work includes excavation work, welding and backfilling. We will also be required to use flood lights in this area, given this activity involves night work, however these will only be used within our existing site and will be directed away from local residents, where possible.

We will also try to minimise the amount of lighting required for this work, to minimise any disturbance.

Some customers will experience a temporary interruption to their water supply during this period; (from 9pm, Saturday 24 August to 9am, Sunday 25 August) however these customers will be directly notified, via mail and email, (where we have the customer’s email address).

Final driveway, drain and road reinstatement along Polo Road

We apologise for the further delays we have had due to weather conditions, in completing the final reinstatement work on Polo Road, including driveways, road shoulders and drains along this road. This work is now expected to start in mid-August and be completed by mid-October 2019, depending on weather conditions.

Before starting this work, the contractor will liaise with residents in the area, so they can move out their vehicles before this work commences.

It will take a maximum of three days to complete work in each driveway and driveway access to your driveway will not be available during this period.

If customers have special driveway access requirements please call WBHO Project Manager, Stephan Steyn on 0419 217 484.

We thank customers for their patience throughout this work.

Who can I contact?

If you have any questions regarding this work, please contact Community Engagement Advisor, Elecia Piparo via email or call (08) 9420 3265. To speak directly to the contractor completing this work, please contact, Stephan Steyn at or call 0419 217 484.





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