Groundwater Replenishment Scheme

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Project goal:

Construct Groundwater Replenishment Scheme


In construction

Delivery Date:

Stage 1 – 2017 and Expansion – 2019

What's happening?

Stage 1 of Perth's first full-scale Groundwater Replenishment Scheme at the Beenyup facility in Craigie has now commenced operations. This first stage has the capacity to recharge up to 14 billion litres of recycled water into groundwater supplies each year.

Construction of stage 2 of the Scheme, which will see its capacity double to 28 billion litres a year, will commence soon following receipt of environmental approvals and award of the construction contract for the new Advanced Water Recycling Plant. Stage 2 will include duplication of the 14 billion litre recycling plant and construction of new recharge bores and associated recharge pipeline to the north-east of the plant in Craigie.

When complete in 2019, the scheme will have the capacity to recharge 28 billion litres of water into groundwater supplies, providing a new climate independent water source to boost much needed drinking water supplies.

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Proposed pipeline

To transfer the recycled water from the Advanced Water Recycling Plant at our Beenyup facility in Craigie to the two offsite recharge sites, we will be constructing a 13km pipeline.

The proposed route was selected with a number of considerations in mind, including impacts to the community, environment, safety (of people constructing and maintaining the pipeline), constructability and cost.

Below is a map depicting the proposed pipeline route.

redline Pipeline route  Recharge site Beenyup site  Beenyup site Recharge site  

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