Henley Brook replacement bore

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Project goal:

To replace the existing water supply bore, which is no longer operational


In construction

Delivery Date:

June 2018 - July 2018

What's happening

We have now finished constructing our replacement bore in Henley Brook.

Before we can connect this new bore to the scheme, we are required to do pump testing of the bore, which is a regulatory requirement of the Department of Health and Department of Water.

This work will occur where we have just installed our replacement bore, within our existing Water Corporation site, which is located along Park Street.


This work will commence on Wednesday 18 July, 2018 and will take two weeks to complete. We are required to pump the newly constructed bore at a constant 24-hour rate for an extended period of time, which will tell us how much capacity the bore has available. This is an important requirement for our abstraction licence from the Department of Water, as they use this information to determine how much water can be abstracted from the bore, without adversely affecting the overall aquifer. This work will occur Monday to Sunday over a two week period.

Community benefits

  • This bore produces around five million litres per day.
  • This work will ensure a reliable supply is maintained to customers in the area.
  • This work is vital to securing water supplies in a drying climate.  

Community impacts

Current impacts:

  • Residents living along Park Street will experience some low-level noise outside of homes, typical of an open plan office. Inside of homes, with windows and doors shut, this noise is expected to be as low as forest background noise. However overall, this noise will be significantly lower than the noise experienced from the drilling just completed. The previous noise barriers will also remain in place.   
  • As part of this work, we are required to lay a new bore main under Park Street. This work will require Park Street to be closed between Lord Street and Partridge Street from Monday 18 June to Sunday 15 July 2018.
  • Throughout this work there will be an increase in traffic in the vicinity of the construction area and project signage will be in place.

Henley Brook replacement bore location

More information

If you have any questions regarding this work, please direct these to Elecia Wheat, Community Engagement Officer via email at Elecia.Wheat@watercorporation.com.au or on (08) 9420 3265.

To speak directly to the contractor completing this work, please contact Jeremy Wardle, Operations Supervisor, Silver City Drilling on mobile 0458 051 990.

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