Kemerton wastewater treatment plant

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Project goal:

Manage forecast growth in Australind’s wastewater flows


In construction

Delivery Date:


Current situation

Approximately 3.5 million litres of wastewater from Eaton and Australind arrives at the Kemerton Wastewater Treatment Plant (KWWTP) for treatment every day.

Flow growth forecasts from fast-growing urban centres in the Shires of Dardanup and Harvey have required implementation of additional treatment and treated wastewater management strategies to cater for this growth.

Project details

Sustainable tree farm irrigation

To ensure nutrient application from the existing tree farm irrigation system is sustainable, de-nitrification filters have been installed at the plant. Approved by the Department of Environment & Conservation, this tertiary treatment process provides capacity to manage up to 4 million litres per day of treated wastewater flows.

Bunbury Wastewater Treatment Plant

While application of the de-nitrification filters will ensure long-term sustainability of woodlot irrigation at Kemerton, construction of a pipeline that will enable Eaton’s wastewater flows to be redirected to the Bunbury Wastewater Treatment Plant will soon commence.

Establishment of the Eaton-Bunbury wastewater pipeline will reduce flows to KWWTP to 2 million litres per day, allowing flows from Australind to increase to the current KWWTP capacity of 3.6 million litres per day. This capacity is expected to be sufficient to meet Australind’s needs for the next 16 years.

Long-term planning

As part of our long-term treated wastewater management planning for the Greater Bunbury region, a variety of long-term treated wastewater management options to cater for Australind growth beyond 2030 will also be considered.

These may include reconsideration of the previously proposed Collie Power Station Ocean Outfall access arrangement. This option may also facilitate future industrial reuse at Kemerton Industrial Park, should such opportunities eventuate.

Project timing

Commissioning of the de-nitrification filters is underway and the Eaton-to-Bunbury pipeline is scheduled for completion in late 2016.

Contact details

For more information please contact Project Manager Bernard Dowd on (08) 9420 3645 or Community Engagement Officer Jess Moloney-Christie on (08) 9420 2883.

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