New deep groundwater bores

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Project goal:

Securing our supply by expanding our deep groundwater network


In construction

Delivery Date:

2017 - 2020

What’s happening?

We are expanding our deep groundwater network as part of our plan to secure Perth’s water supply.

This includes expanding our groundwater replenishment scheme and increasing the number of abstraction bores from deeper aquifers.

A total of 9 new bores are planned to be drilled in Perth’s northern suburbs, including recharge, abstraction and monitoring bores.

Why’s this happening?

We have been working with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on sustainable, future approaches to groundwater abstraction for potable water supply.

By increasing the number of deep groundwater bores, we can increase the capacity and flexibility of our operations, allowing us to support the sustainable use of the Gnangara groundwater system.

Where’s this happening?

The new recharge and monitoring bores being drilled as part of Stage 2 of our groundwater replenishment scheme are in Wanneroo and Neerabup. More information on these can be found on the Groundwater Replenishment Scheme webpage.

The abstraction bores will link in to the Neerabup Groundwater Scheme and Gwelup Groundwater Scheme. Subject to final approvals, the five new bores will be located in Neerabup, Heathridge, Beldon and Gwelup.

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