Nicholson Road water main renewal

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Project goal:

Renewing water mains to improve the security and reliability of the water supply in Subiaco and Shenton Park.


In construction

Delivery Date:

March 2017

We are currently renewing the water main along Nicholson Street. This work is expected to be completed by March 2017.

This is part of a program of work to proactively renew cast iron pipes that are nearing the end of their expected life, to improve the security and reliability of Subiaco's water supply.

We plan to renew the entire length of Nicholson Road in the following stages:

  • Railway Road to Coleraine Street
  • Coleraine Street to View Street
  • View Street to Hensman Road
  • Hensman Rd to Rokeby Road
  • Rokeby Road to Thomas Street

We apologise for any inconvenience this work will cause, and will work to minimise disruption to the local community and businesses.

Transperth bus route update

Transperth passengers are advised that due to road closures for these works, the following bus route changes will are in place.

Bus route (to city)

Detour  Bus stops missed 
 24 Normal route to Derby Road and then deviate right at Onslow Road and left at Thomas Road to resume its normal route. 17544, 17545, 17412, 17413 and 17414
 25 Normal route to Derby Road and then deviate to continue on Derby Road and right Hamersley Road to resume normal route. 17545, 17412, 17413, 17414 and 17526
 97 Normal route to Derby Road and then deviate to continue on Derby Road, right Hamersley Road and left Rokeby Road to resume normal route. 17545, 17412, 17413, 17414 and 17526

More information

If you would like more information about our work, you can:

  • email us at 
  • call Project Manager, Michael David on 9424 8403 (business hours)
  • call a Communications Officer on 9420 3529 (business hours)
  • call our Faults, Emergencies and Security line on 13 13 75 (24 hours).

Traffic management

We are renewing the main in the northern verge and parking bays of Nicholson Road. However, we need to close the northern, eastbound traffic lane in the area we are working so the worksite is large enough to safely excavate and install the new main.

We will maintain access to driveways on the northern side of Nicholson Road. If any driveways need to be temporarily obstructed, our contractor will liaise with the occupants of the affected properties. .

Impact on Nicholson Road properties

The renewal will involve noisy work, including road cutting, excavating and compacting. These activities are most noticeable at the start and finish of our work, when we cut the road and excavate, and then when we backfill and compact to reinstate the road.

There may be minor interruptions to water services while we bring the new main online. If your property is affected, we will leave a card in your mailbox or at your business before any interruption occurs. Typically connections will be undertaken outside of normal business hours.

Any disruption to the road and footpaths will be fully reinstated by the end of the project.

Work times

We will work on weekdays between 7am and 7pm. Much of our work cannot be undertaken after hours as the noise of saw cutting, excavation and compactors at night would not be considered acceptable in high density mixed residential and commercial areas. However, we will undertake less noisy work overnight where possible to ensure we complete our project as quickly as possible.

Our process

We are renewing the water main via an open trench. When our contractor mobilises to site, they initially locate underground services to confirm the planned alignment of the new mains is suitable, and so that excavation work can be undertaken safely. This can take a few days. As a result, it can appear that not much is happening onsite. Please be assured that this is factored into our schedules.

Our work normally then involves about a week of excavation, a week of installing the new pipes, a week of testing and commissioning, a week of connecting each property to the new mains, and a week of reinstatement.

We generally deliver these projects on schedule and, in the few instances where delays have occurred these have been due to rain preventing us from being able to compact the road.

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