Beaufort Street - Roe Street to Chelmsford Road

Project goal:

Renew the ageing water main along Beaufort Street between Roe Street and Walcott Street to help secure the reliability of water to customers in Highgate, Northbridge, Mt Lawley and the surrounding areas.

Delivery date:

March 2019 - June 2019


What's happening?

In March 2019 we will begin to renew 2.1 kilometres of water main on Beaufort Street, between Roe Street and Chelmsford Road.

Work will start the week of Monday 11 March 2019 at Newcastle Street to Bulwer Street. Please see the latest project updates, project stages and schedule tabs for further information.

Why is this taking place?

This work is being undertaken to renew ageing water mains and reduce the likelihood of bursts, leaks and breaks.

When is this happening?

March 2019 - June 2019.

Customer Communications:

22 October 2018: First notification to customers and businesses along Beaufort Street

28 February 2019: Start of work notification to customers and businesses

Contact Us

  • For general enquiries please , Email:, Phone: (08) 9420 3529


We can confirm work will start the week of Monday 11 March at Newcastle Street and Bulwer Street. This work will take about six weeks to complete.

Traffic management – Newcastle Street to Bulwer Street

Both northbound lanes will be closed during construction, including the on-street parking lane. This is vital to meet safety standards and allow for machinery movement during construction. The southbound traffic lanes will be converted to allow single lane traffic to flow in both northbound and southbound directions. We ask road users to follow the traffic management accordingly and take extra caution while in the area. Pedestrian footpaths will remain unaffected.

We are currently investigating traffic management options for work to take place north of Bulwer Street (stages four, five and six.) Due to the narrow width of Beaufort Street between Bulwer Street and Walcott Street, we have limited options to divert traffic with little to no impact on road users, local businesses and the surrounding area. We will update customers as information becomes available. 



Estimated timing

Stage one: Roe Street to Aberdeen Street

Weeks of 16 May to 19 June 2019

Stage two: Aberdeen Street to Newcastle Street

Weeks of 20 April to 15 May 2019

Stage three: Newcastle Street to Bulwer Street

Weeks of 11 March to 19 April 2019

Stage four: Bulwer Street to Chatsworth Street


Stage five: Chatsworth Street to Vincent Street


Stage six: Vincent Street to Chelmsford Road


Map of work stages (not to scale:)

Map showing stages 1 - 6, Beaufort Street, Pipes for Perth