Project goal:

Renew ageing water mains in Fremantle to help secure the reliability of water to customers in Fremantle and the surrounding areas for decades to come.

Delivery date:

June - late 2019


Project updates:

26 March 2019:

In January 2019 we informed the community about upcoming work to renew 4.2kms of ageing water main across Fremantle.


Since then the community engagement team has visited over 300 businesses and key stakeholders in the project area. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your concerns, ask questions and provide honest feedback about how this work will impact the area. Rest assured, we are here to listen, work with you and do all we can to help mitigate impact as much as practically possible.


Awarding a contract of work

A recent review of contractor bids has identified Water Corporation and ATCO Gas project scopes do not align for our work to be carried out at the same time. We will continue with our work to renew essential water mains in the area and will work closely with all utilities, should any future opportunities to work together arise.


We aim to award a contract of work in the next four weeks. Once awarded the contractor will undertake a number of preconstruction activities including, locating underground services and finalising a construction schedule which will include estimated timings for each street. This work can take several weeks to complete before construction starts. We will share this information with all customers once it becomes available.


Project timeline

Previously we informed you work will be completed by late 2019. During our discussions many businesses raised concerns about work continuing and impacting trade during the summer months. To ensure our construction work is completed before the busy Christmas and summertime retail period, we have reduced the number of streets originally planned for renewal.


Streets for renewal include:

  • Bannister Street, between Pakenham Street to Market Street.

  • Collie Street, between Marine Terrace and South Terrace.

  • Essex Lane, between Collie Street and Essex Street.

  • Essex Street, between Marine Terrace and South Terrace.

  • High Street, between Little High Street and Market Street.

  • Leake Street, between Pakenham Street and Market Street.

  • Marine Terrace, between Cliff Street and Suffolk Street, and Howard Street and Price Street.

  • Market Street, between High Street and Bannister Street

  • Nairn Street, between Pakenham Street and Market Street.

  • Norfolk Street, between Marine Terrace and South Terrace

  • Pakenham Street, between Collie Street and Leake Street

  • South Terrace, between Bannister Street and Norfolk Street

We estimate this construction work will take now place between June and November 2019.


Streets no longer included in this package of work include:

  • Henry Street, between Marine Terrace and Phillimore Street.

  • Pakenham Street, Leake Street to Phillimore Street.

  • Phillimore Street, between Henry Street and Pakenham Street.

  • Short Street, between Pakenham Street and Market Street


Renewal of the water mains on these streets will be completed at a later date.


20 February 2019:

  • The bidding stage for the Fremantle water main renewal work has now closed.
  • We're currently assessing the bids to appoint a preferred contractor to carry out this work.
  • Once a bid has been awarded and a construction schedule and traffic management plans have been approved, we will send an update to all businesses and customers that are likely to be impacted, to include details on the contractor, construction, timing and impacts.
  • The project team will be visiting businesses along Packenham Street, High Street, Bannister Street, Essex Lane and Nairn Street on Friday 22 February.
  • If you have any enquiries in relation to this work, please email or call (08)9420 3529.

Where is this happening?

Sections of the following streets will have pipes replaced:

  • Market Street
  • High Street
  • South Terrace
  • Essex Street
  • Essex Lane
  • Leake Street
  • Marine Terrace
  • Norfolk Street
  • Nairn Street
  • Pakenham Street
  • Bannister Street

For exact locations please see the map on the Project stages and schedule tab.

What's happening?

In 2019 we will renew 3.5 kilometres of water main in Fremantle. For the most up to date project information, including traffic management, please refer to the project tabs on this page.

When is this happening?

June - late 2019.


25 January 2019: Notification to businesses directly impacted

Contact Us

  • For general enquiries please contact our Pipes for Perth team, email:, or phone: (08) 9420 3529

Map of area of work

Pipes for Fremantle - map showing areas for pipe replacement