Northbridge & Perth

Project goal:

Renew the ageing water mains in Northbridge and Perth including sections of Pier Street, Aberdeen Street, Nash Street, James Street, Roe Street, William Street, Melbourne Street, Shenton Street, Victoria Avenue and Victoria Square.

Delivery date:

February 2019 - July 2019


What's happening?

In February 2019 we will begin to renew around 2.3 kilometres of water main around Northbridge and Perth.

Where is this happening?

Please see Project Stages and Schedule for a map of the area of work and estimated timings for each stage. We are also working to renew the main along Beaufort Street between Roe Street and Walcott Street. See the Beaufort Street project page for all information in relation this work.

Why is this taking place?

This work is being undertaken to renew ageing water mains and reduce the likelihood of bursts, leaks and breaks.

When is this happening? 

February 2019 - July 2019.


17 January 2019 : Pier Street Notification

Contact Us

  • For general enquiries please contact our Pipes for Perth team, Email:, Phone: (08) 9420 3529

Map of area of work

Map of area of work - Northbridge Perth Pipes for Perth

Blue line  Roe Street (Fitzgerald Street to Stirling Street)  Recommencing 5 March 2019. Please see the Roe Street project page
Red line  Beaufort Street (Roe Street to Walcott Street) Work scheduled to start week of 4 March 2019. Please see Beaufort Street project page
Yellow Perth (Nash, Pier, James & Aberdeen Streets) Work started 5 February 2019 - completion scheduled for May 2019.
Green Victoria Square and Victoria Avenue Work scheduled to start end of February 2019.
Purple William Street (Roe Street to Newcastle Street) Work scheduled to start from April/May 2019.
Brown Northbridge (Shenton Street & Melbourne Street) Work scheduled to start from mid March 2019.