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Project goal:

Renew the ageing water main along Roe Street to help secure the reliability of water to customers in Northbridge and the surrounding areas.

Delivery date:



What's happening?

Between October 2018 and 2019, Civcon replaced around 1.3 kilometers of ageing water main along Roe Street between Mitchell Freeway and Stirling Street.

Work took place on both the north and south side of Roe Street depending on the position of services underground, connections, valves, tree roots and the bike path. Civcon are also required to excavate and lay the main across the road to connect the new water main to connections on the other side of the road. These connections are happening at all the intersections, and major water network points along Roe Street.

To complete this complex work, the renewal was separated into four stages, including;

  • Mitchell Freeway to Lake – complete
  • Lake to William Street –complete
  • William to Beaufort – complete
  • Beaufort to Stirling – complete

Laying of the water main was complete in July 2019, connections to the existing water services was completed in September 2019 and temporary reinstatement was complete in October 2019.

Civcon will not complete full reinstatement of Roe Street lanes as City of Perth will complete this work in the coming years in conjunction with investments into the area.

Why is this taking place?

This work took place to renew the ageing water main along Roe Street. The water main is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. Replacing the water main has helped futureproof Northbridge and Perth’s water supply for many decades to come.

When is this happening?

This work took place between October 2018 – October 2019.

Contact us

  • For general enquires please contact Pipes for Perth Customers Solutions Team, Email:, Phone: (08) 9420 3529

29 October 2019

All work on Roe Street between the Mitchell Freeway and Stirling Street is now complete.

Who to contact

  • Call our dedicated Pipes for Perth Customer Solutions team on (08) 9420 3529 (available 8am to 5pm weekdays)
  • Email
  • To report a fault, emergency or security issue, please call 13 13 75 (available 24 hours)

Past Updates

23 September 2019

To enable us to connect the new water main to the existing pipework, we are required to close the intersection of Roe Street and Lake Street from 7am Tuesday 24 September to 6pm Thursday 26 September 2019. This work will take place 24 hours a day.

Once the work at the intersection of Roe Street and Lake Street is complete, Civcon will begin full reinstatement of all impacted areas. We expect all work to be completed on Roe Street at the end of October 2019.

16 August

The only Roe Street road closures are as below.

  • Closure of a section between William Street & Beaufort Street (approximately 100m) - From 19 August 9.30am to 22 August 5pm.
  • Closure at the intersection of Lake Street and Roe Street - From 23 August 9pm to 26 August 5am