William Street - Pipes for Perth

Project goal:

To renew the ageing water main along William Street from Newcastle Street to Roe Street and secure the reliability of water to customers in Perth, Northbridge and the surrounding areas.

Delivery date:


What's happening?

In August we started work to renew 425 meters of water main along William Street from Newcastle Street to Roe Street.

To complete this complex work, and to help reduce impact, the project has been separated into two stages.

Stage 1: Newcastle Street to James Street - complete

Stage 2: James Street to Roe Street - complete

For timings, work hours, detours and project updates, please see the Project updates tab.

Why is this taking place?

This work is being undertaken to renew the ageing water mains and reduce the likelihood of bursts, leaks and breaks to help futureproof our water supply for decades to come.

Where is this taking place?

Work will take place along William Street from Newcastle Street to Roe Street in the north bound lanes. The intersection of William Street and Aberdeen Street will remain open for the entirety of the project.

Work will take place in 2 stages as shown in the map below.

William Street - Pipes for Perth location of works. Stage 1 - Newcastle Street  to James Street. Stage 2 - James Street to Roe Street . Work is expected to be completed in October 2019.

When is this taking place?

Service locating work will commence on Monday 5 August 2019. Construction work is expected to take place from the week of 19 August 2019.

Stage 1: Work will start the week of 19 August 2019 and finish mid-September 2019.

Stage 2: Work will start mid September 2019 and finish around mid-October 2019.

How will this impact the community?

  • Water supply interruption – We will endeavour to schedule any water supply interruptions overnight between 11pm - 5am to reduce the impacts to local businesses. Water supply interruptions are carried out at very end of the project when the new water main is connected up to the existing services and 48 hour notice will be provided. If businesses require water during the interruption hours, we are able to supply a temporary water tanker to their premises.
  • Traffic, detours and congestion – William Street northbound lanes will be closed during construction. Full detours will be in place where necessary. This may result in some congestion in the area so it may take customers longer to get to their destination. Southbound lanes will remain open.
  • Increase in personnel – There will be an increase in workers and personnel in the area during construction.
  • Fencing – Fencing will be erected in the northbound lanes of William Street. This fencing allows our workers to work safely and to ensure the safety of the community. There will be ‘shops are open as usual’ signs on the fencing and we can also produce individual business signs for businesses at no cost.
  • Footpaths – Footpaths will remain open for foot traffic to continue, and there will be gaps in the fencing to allow customers to cross William Street.
  • Noise – There will be an increase in noise due to our construction work.This includes cutting open the road at the beginning and compaction at the end. Loud work will not be carried out overnight to give reprieve for residents in the area.
  • Vibration – There will be some minor vibration when we cut the road open and when we compact the area.
  • Dust – There will be an increase in dust however, we will endeavour to manage dust to the best of our ability. If you have an issue with the amount of dust at a certain time, please contact Civcon.
  • Deliveries – Some carpark bays in the southbound parking lane will be reserved for deliveries. If businesses have large deliveries - or need help with them - they can contact Civcon who can assist.
  • Access – Fencing will be erected for the security of the community and to help with dust suppression however, properties will remain accessible and businesses will be open as usual. We encourage all customers to continue supporting local businesses during this time.
  • Reinstatement – We will reinstate any impacted areas to their previous condition, where practically possible. All reinstatements are undertaken in conjunction and with approval from the local council.

Contact us

  • For general enquires please contact Pipes for Perth Customers Solutions Team on pipesforperth@watercorporation.com.au or (08) 9420 3529.
  • For enquiries requiring immediate action onsite, i.e property access, trouble with deliveries, concerns over noise or vibration, please call Civcon Project Engineer David Drewett on 0403 162 939.

29 October update

All works on William Street between Newcastle Street and Roe Street were completed on Tuesday 29 October.

19 September update

Stage 1 complete

Works were completed on Monday 16 September. Fencing along William Street, between Newcastle Street and James Street has been removed.

William Street water perks loyalty card competition

The William Street loyalty card competition is an initiative being run by William Street business representatives and Water Corporation in conjunction with City of Perth.

How does it work?

The loyalty card program offers you the chance to win 1 of 3 $500 prizes by making a purchase at any of the participating businesses on William Street from Friday 13 September to Friday 15 November 2019.

The loyalty card has 5 circles which can be stamped each time you spend a certain amount at a shop. Once all 5 circles on the card have been correctly stamped, place the completed card in the competition box at the reception of the Alex Hotel to submit your entry to the draw. 

One winner will be drawn and notified at the end of September, October and November.

Participating businesses

  • Utopia
  • Is Donburi
  • Bronze Snake
  • Chicho Gelato
  • Periscope
  • Planet Books
  • Universal Bar
  • Los Bravo
  • Good Gaming & Internet
  • Beans & Bunches 
  • Superstar Waffles 
  • Panama Social
  • Alex Hotel
  • The Butchershop
  • The Rechabite
  • Francoforte Spaghetti Bar
  • Vinnies Retro
  • Govinda's Hare Krishna Restaurant
  • Lucky Chan's
  • Noise Pollution Records
  • Flipside Burgers
  • Eillo Store
  • La Cholita
  • Busy Bee Pharmacy
  • Planet Books
  • The Hummus Club
  • Ruck Rover
  • Chachi
  • My Bayon
  • Fi and Co
  • Sup So Good Pho House
  • Shadow Wine Bar
  • No Mafia
  • Munchy Monk
  • Little Willy’s
  • Bivouac
  • Sauma
  • Whisk Creamery

Terms & conditions

  • The loyalty card competition is for businesses along William Street between Roe Street and Newcastle Street only. 
  • Customers can enter as many times as they like. 
  • The winning loyalty card needs to have all the information required and the correct stamp or it will be deemed invalid and another card will be drawn.
  • Business owners and employees are not to enter the competition.
  • Business owners are to take full responsibility for the use of the loyalty cards and ensure they are used on genuine customers only. 
  • All vouchers as part of the prize will be valid for 12 months.