SDOOL pipeline duplication

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Project goal:

Duplicate a 3.8 kilometre section of a treated wastewater pipeline in the City of Rockingham to cater for expected growth and improve asset security.


In planning

Delivery Date:

Approximately mid-2021

What's happening?

We would like to provide you with an update on a proposal to duplicate a 3.8 kilometre section of a treated wastewater pipeline in the City of Rockingham.

The 24 kilometre pipeline, known as the Sepia Depression Ocean Outlet Landline (SDOOL), transports treated water from the Woodman Point, Kwinana, East Rockingham and Point Peron wastewater treatment plants and the waste stream from the Kwinana Water Recycling Plant and other industries. The treated water is then released to the Sepia Depression Ocean Outfall, which extends four kilometres offshore from Point Peron into a 20 metre deep channel.

Where is this happening?

See the map of the proposed pipeline route.

Why is this work taking place?

Duplicating the section of pipeline from Ritchie Drive in Rockingham to the Water Corporation site on Point Peron Road will ensure sufficient pipeline capacity to cater for expected growth and improve asset security. The duplication will also allow flexibility to divert flows when undertaking maintenance work on the existing pipeline.

When is this happening?

Based on current scheduling, construction is proposed to start in late 2019 and take approximately 18 months to complete.

Who can I contact?

For more information please contact Kym Walker, Senior Advisor Community Engagement on 9420 3527 or

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What is involved during construction?

The plan is to install the pipeline below ground and primarily in the Water Corporation infrastructure corridor and will not cross any private properties. To minimise impact to the community we will install the pipeline in sections, which will involve excavation trenches of about ten metres wide and four metres deep to cater for the size of the pipeline. Each section will be temporarily reinstated as we progress along the route and restored to an acceptable condition at project completion in consultation with key stakeholders.

A new structure is proposed to be built at the Water Corporation Point Peron site and it is critical to controlling the release of water to the ocean and protecting the ocean outfall from surge events. There is an existing 18 metre high structure, including antenna masts, at the Point Peron site that connects to the existing pipeline and ocean outfall. Heavy duty vehicles and machinery will be required during construction and there is likely to be some noise and dust. We will keep the area tidy and secure and will minimise impacts to the community at all times.

How will access to community amenities and roads be impacted?

Traffic management will be in place as required to direct pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles safely around work areas.

We expect access to some areas along the pipeline route will be restricted to ensure public safety. We will work with local residents and businesses to minimise impacts during this period. We expect access to some parts of the Lake Richmond walking track and picnic area and Bayview Reserve will be restricted during certain stages of construction. We are planning to keep access to the Bayview Reserve dog exercise area available during the project. We will install signage and provide further updates, including consultation with residents directly impacted, as the project progresses.

How will any environmental impacts be managed?

We recognise the key environmental values associated with Lake Richmond and Bush Forever sites along the proposed pipeline route and will prepare an Environmental Management Plan to minimise any impacts. In 2012 we obtained planning and major environmental approvals for the project and we have recently re-surveyed the area to ensure there has been no change to the environment and are undertaking groundwater monitoring to inform our environmental management during construction. For parkland areas, we are working with the City of Rockingham to develop a plan to rehabilitate the area following the pipeline installation work.

Community consultation and project approvals

We have been working with the City of Rockingham and key stakeholders over a number of years.

As part of the consultation it was decided to construct the new pipeline next to the existing pipeline to allow for cross connections to existing infrastructure and to minimise disturbance by using the infrastructure corridor.

Sepia Depression Ocean Outlet Landline questions and answers

In 2012 the project was deferred due to a number of factors including slower population growth, asset condition of the pipe and investigations regarding future development in the area.

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Referral Decision 2012

Environmental Protection Authority Public Advice 2012

In 2017 the project was re-activated and we recently submitted our Development Application which received approval at the Metro South West Joint Development Assessment Panel on 18 July 2018.

We will engage with key stakeholders and potentially impacted residents over the coming months.

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