Securing Denmark’s water supply

We're further securing Denmark’s water supply as the town continues to experience a decline in rainfall due to the impact of climate change.

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Project goal:

Secure Denmark’s water supply


Commencing soon

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Current situation

Reduced rainfall due to climate change means Denmark’s dams can no longer be relied upon for drinking water in the long term.

Denmark has recorded 3 of the driest years on record since 2014. This year is also tracking to be one of the driest years on record. This has resulted in significantly less water running into Quickup Dam – Denmark’s primary water source.

The long-term average streamflow into Quickup dam is about 2,000 million of litres per year. This year the dam is tracking to receive the lowest streamflow on record, with only around 300 million litres of water received so far.

The water supply scheme in Denmark is not connected to a wider water supply network of pipelines like many other towns in the region. This means the town is currently reliant on rainfall into its dam for drinking water.

We have a 4 point plan to further secure Denmark’s water supply

Short term water restrictions

Stage 5 water restrictions for Denmark will be put in place from 1 October 2019 until 31 December 2019. Bore owners are not included. The restrictions may then be lifted after the monitoring of dam levels, rainfall and water use during this period.

These restrictions mean garden sprinkler systems can only be used one day a week before 9am or after 6pm instead of the normal two days during spring and summer. Hand watering is still permitted.

From 1 October, your watering days will be:

 Last digit of street number or lot number
(where there is no street number) 

 Watering day

 1 Wednesday
 2 Thursday
 3 Friday
 4 Saturday
 5 Sunday
 6 Monday
 7 Tuesday
8 Wednesday
9 Thursday
0 Friday


Check out our gardening section for lots of simple ways to be waterwise

Expand temporary water carting

We will build infrastructure to expand the Great Southern temporary water carting program to Denmark and supplement the local water supply.

While preparations to install carting infrastructure are currently underway, the decision when to begin carting will depend on the amount of rain received in Denmark over the coming weeks.

Once a date is confirmed, we will advise the community beforehand. Find out more about water carting in the Great Southern Region.

Water efficiency offers

The Denmark Waterwise Towns Program will begin on 1 October 2019, offering the community:

  • Free showerhead swap – swap up to two old showerheads for new water efficient models absolutely free.
  • Irrigation system checks – an irrigation specialist will check your run times, set your controller and repair minor leaks.
  • Plumbing checks – a plumber will repair or replace leaking taps, toilets and showers in your home.
  • Rainwater tank rebate – up to $1000 off a new rainwater tank plumbed in, or up to $500 for a replacement tank or plumbing in an existing one.

Connect Denmark to the Lower Great Southern Towns Water Supply Scheme

Early investigations have begun to determine the best route for a pipeline to connect Denmark to the Lower Great Southern Towns Water Supply Scheme.

These investigations will take into account the impact of any potential route on the local environment, and involve comprehensive flora and fauna studies during spring 2019.

More details will be announced on the pipeline in the coming months, with construction expected to begin in 2020.

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