Serpentine–Jarrahdale pipeline

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Project goal:

Improve water supply security for the Perth metropolitan area



Delivery Date:

January–June 2017

In order to improve water supply to the Shire of Serpentine-Jarradale and the Perth metropolitan area, we are replacing 4km of the Serpentine Trunk Main pipeline.

The Serpentine Trunk Main plays a critical role in supplying water to the Perth metropolitan area via the Integrated Water Supply Scheme.  

The 4km pipeline will be built in the vicinity of Allum Way, Summerfield and Lewis Roads in Serpentine.

Work will be carried out between January and June 2017, Monday to Saturday between 7am and 5pm. During this time there will be temporary road closures with detours in place.

Work is being undertaken by authorised contractor, RCR Water, and will be installed via a combination of trenchless and open trench excavation in stages. All affected areas will be backfilled and restored.

Thank you to the local community for your cooperation while this important work is carried out.

More information

For more information, please contact Community Engagement Officer, Larissa Stanley, on or call (08) 9420 2789.

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