Tarcoola Beach

We're upgrading wastewater services in Tarcoola Beach, Geraldton.

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Project goal:

To secure wastewater services in Tarcoola Beach and support future development.


In construction

Delivery Date:


What’s happening?

Work on a new wastewater pump station in Tarcoola Beach, City of Greater Geraldton has recently commenced. This work will also include the installation of 3 kilometres of pressure main and gravity sewer.

This work will allow the decommissioning of the current Seaview temporary pump station, and will help to resolve odour issues in the area.

You may notice construction crew locating other essential services, such as power and gas, along Brand Highway. Initial ground work along Glendinning Road has also commenced. Installation of the gravity sewer along Glendinning Road will begin in the coming weeks.

We'll keep residents updated via this page as the project progresses.

Where is this happening?

Work will be taking place along Brand Highway, Glendinning Road, Jarrah Street, Hakea Street, and Olive Street. Please see the below map for location details or download a hi-res PDF from our Downloads section. 

There will be construction activity at the Seaview and Glendinning Road pump stations, particularly during decommissioning. This work will be happening both within the road reserve and the road, depending on location. The location of this work has been chosen to reduce the impact on local residents and traffic.

Map showing Tarcoola Beach works. Areas impacted include Brand Highway, Glendinning Road, Jarrah Street, Hakea Street, and Olive Street.

Why is this work taking place?

This work is happening to secure wastewater services in Tarcoola Beach, Geraldton. This project will allow us to decommission existing wastewater pipelines and pump stations which were initially installed as temporary infrastructure. This work will see a new pump station and 3 kilometres of wastewater pipeline installed, to provide new and secure wastewater disposal systems.

This project does not allow for any additional connections to the central wastewater system – if you are currently using local systems such as septic tanks, this will not change.

When is this happening?

Work will commence in October 2019, and is likely to take 8 months to complete. Please not timelines are indicative only, and updates will be provided to residents and via this page. Work hours will be Monday-Saturday 7am to 6pm. Any work outside of these hours will require additional approvals, and residents will be informed.

How will this impact the community?

This work is unfortunately going to be impactful to the local community – we appreciate the communities understanding and patience whilst this essential work is carried out.

Traffic management will be in place along the pipeline route, including Brand Highway – we will work with our contractor and Main Roads WA to ensure the disruption to traffic is as minimal as possible. The traffic management plan will be created by our contractor, and more information will be available once this has been approved.

Local residents in these areas should expect medium-level noise from trucks and an excavator laying pipework. There will also be some low-level vibrations and dust present.

Once the construction work has been completed, we will repair the area to as close to previous condition as possible. Temporary reinstatement of roads will occur as the work progresses.

Who can I contact?

Please contact Community Engagement Advisor, Jen Woollard on jen.woollard@watercorporation.com.au or call (08) 9420 2651 or Project Manager Derek Duffy on derek.duffy@watercorporation.com.au or (08) 9420 3276.

For after hours assistance please contact our 24 hour Faults, Emergencies and Security line on 13 13 75.

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