Walpole ManukaLife

Improving water quality in Walpole.

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Project goal:

Improve water quality by revegetating catchment areas in Walpole



Delivery Date:

Winter 2019

What’s happening?

We’ve purchased a number of sites in Walpole over the past decade for revegetation with the aim of protecting water quality for the long-term.

Where is this happening?

On Water Corporation owned land in Walpole.

Why is this work taking place?

We’re aiming to protect water quality for the long-term. Revegetation is a preferable land use to intensive livestock grazing as it reduces nutrients in the waterways (from fertiliser and manure), and minimises the risk of bacterial contamination in waterways and water supplies.

In 2018, we originally entered into a sharefarming agreement with ManukaLife to revegetate 220 hectares of Water Corporation owned land in Walpole. After a period of community consultation over several months and, after receiving advice from the Department of Environment and Energy in June 2019 which approved the project as a non-controlled action, a revised scope of the project commenced.

The modified scope involves revegetation of 50 hectares of the land with tea trees for future Manuka honey production, with only ten hectares inside the water protection zone. The rest of the land within the catchment will continue to be managed by Water Corporation to protect water quality for the community.

Who can I contact?

For more information, contact Kate Duff, Senior Advisor Customer and Stakeholder via email kate.duff@watercorporation.com.au

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