Wandi - new water pipes

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Project goal:

Construct new distribution main to improve the reliability of water supply for current and future developments in Wandi, within the City of Kwinana.


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What's happening?

We are planning to construct a new 2.3 kilometre distribution main along Lyon Road from Honeywood Avenue to Cassowary Chase, Wandi. The proposed water main will be below-ground and constructed using open trench excavation. This project is currently in the planning and consultation phase.

What are the impacts?

Residents may notice more noise and activity in the area. Some sections of pipes will go through front verges. We will liaise with those affected owners and occupiers directly. Traffic will be impacted and when required, traffic management will be in place to direct people safely around the work area.

We are committed to ensuring that any area impacted by our work will be returned to as close to original condition as possible. We appreciate many people put a lot of time, effort and money into their verges. If any trees, shrubs, or lawn needs to be removed, they will be replaced and the area restored. If driveways or paving are disturbed they will also be reinstated.

When is this happening?

We anticipate that construction work will start in early 2020 and will take approximately four months to complete.

How do I find out more?

Updates will appear on this project page as work progresses.

Owners and occupiers of properties located near the path of the pipeline will be kept informed prior to and during construction.

Who can I contact?

For more information, contact the Project Manager, Angelmo Shanmuganathan, on (08) 9420 2275 during office hours.

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