Water valve testing

We're testing water valves in Gosnells, Thornlie, Huntingdale, Canning Vale, Piara Waters and Harrisdale to ensure they are operating correctly. This will cause brief water supply interruptions lasting 5-10 minutes.

Most properties in these suburbs will not be affected. However, if your property is affected, you should only experience a single supply interruption lasting 5-10 minutes.

The tests will take place during weekdays between 9am and 3pm. A crew will be testing approximately four isolations each day.

We expect this work will cause minimal disruption, and most customers affected by a supply interruption should not notice due to the short duration.

Upcoming work

The table below shows the dates that we expect to be working in each suburb. The dates overlap because if work is completed early in one section we will move on to the next section. This page will be updated as work progresses.

Dates Suburbs  Map
Monday 12 - Friday 23 November 2018 Gosnells View map
Monday 19 - Friday 30 November 2018 Gosnells & Huntingdale View map
Monday 26 November - Friday 7 December 2018 Thornlie & Huntingdale View map
Monday 3 - Friday 14 December 2018 Canning Vale View map 
Monday 10 - Friday 21 December 2018 Piara Waters & Harrisdale View map

Why are we doing this?

We want to ensure valves are operating correctly, so we can minimise the number of properties affected when we need to isolate a water main to repair a break or undertake essential maintenance.

Possible interruption extension

We are doing this work to test that valves are operating correctly. It is possible that valves may fail and, if they do, the test will become an emergency repair. If this occurs, we will work to restore water supplies to the affected area as quickly as possible.

Possible discoloured water

This work will temporarily change the direction that water flows through pipes. As a result, naturally occurring sediment in the pipes may be stirred up and make the water look discoloured.

If this occurs, run a garden tap near your water meter for two minutes, then run a garden tap at the back of your property, and see if the water clears. If the discolouration does not clear, please contact us on 13 13 75.

We understand that although unsightly, please be assured the sediment that causes discoloured water is harmless to health and the water is safe to drink.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this essential work. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our 24 hour faults and emergencies line, 13 13 75.