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Project goal:

Ensure reliability of water supply, wastewater disposal and stormwater drainage in Subiaco


In construction

Delivery Date:

May 2018

What’s happening?

Water Corporation is making a significant investment in Subiaco to proactively refurbish and renew water, wastewater and drainage infrastructure. This essential work will ensure Subiaco has a secure, reliable water, wastewater and drainage network well into the future.

Main drain upgrade 

Construction of a new drain (December 2017 – May 2018)

The Subiaco main drain was installed over 100 years ago and due to development of the area over the last century the local drainage systems no longer have the capacity to protect local homes and businesses against flooding during large storm events.

The new drain will be constructed under the north side of the road on Churchill Ave between Townshend Road and Axon Street, please refer to the map for more details. This drain will fill with storm water during major storm events and allows the water to then soak into the soil, rather than conveying water through the traditional drainage system.

Work on the main drain upgrade is being carried out by Georgiou, an authorised contractor of Water Corporation and is progressing well. We anticipate the remaining construction work and reinstatement of areas affected will take around 2 months to complete.

Work hours will generally be 7am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Where appropriate, some work will be undertaken on Saturday to minimise disruption to businesses along the street and reduce the overall time on site. Often Saturday work will include pouring concrete, to allow it to cure over the Sunday break.

Minor demolition work on the drain has been completed and excavation of the interior is underway. The concrete slab which will form the drain lid has been poured and more concrete to form the walls of the drain will be poured during the week of 16 April. The drain will then be connected to the wider drainage network and the road will be reinstated. We will be sure to keep you updated of impacts you may experience as a result of this next stage of work, if any. Completion is currently on track for mid-May 2018.

How will construction impacts be managed?

Based on ongoing community feedback, we have been working to ensure the impacts of construction are kept to a minimum by selecting the most appropriate methods. This includes using innovative trenchless techniques which will minimise the size of the site, overall time on site and allow access to surrounding businesses and homes as much as possible.

Traffic management will be in place around the site for the duration of the project. Traffic Controllers will be on site to assist with traffic flow.
  • For the duration of the project a full road closure will be in place preventing through traffic down Churchill Ave. Local traffic to properties will be maintained via either Townshend Rd or Axon St. 

  • For the remainder of the project (though to May),this closure will be in place to allow for work to be carried out on a small section on the south side of Churchill Ave, opposite 245 Churchill Ave. 

  • During this time, access to properties to the west of this area, (to and including the car park of de de ce and Vital Conversations) will be maintained via Axon St, while access to properties on the east will be via Townshend Rd (to and including the above ground car park of Churchill Court). Access to 245 Churchill Ave (Fairweather) will always be maintained, however, access to the 2 central driveways may change between being via Axon St or Townshend Rd. We will keep tenants of the building informed of these changes as they are made.

Water main upgrade (Pipes for Perth)

June - October 2018

Since July 2016 the Water Corporation’s Pipes for Perth program has been proactively replacing ageing water mains across metropolitan Perth, including the City of Subiaco.

The replacement of these pipes will not only prevent future leaks and breaks, but will help improve the security and reliability of the water supply to the area, well into the future.

Where is this happening?

About 1.5kms of water main will be replaced on the following streets:
• Forrest Street between Railway Road and Denis Street
• Denis Street between Hay Street and Barker Road
• Catherine Street between Hay and Roberts Streets
• York Street between Catherine and Hamilton Streets

When is this happening?

Construction will take place in a staged approach between June and October 2018. Work will be completed between 7am and 7pm on weekdays and Saturdays, when required.

If you would like more information you can visit the Pipes for Perth project page.

Location of drainage work on Churchill Avenue


Pipes for Perth

Please note the alignment shown below is not to scale.

About 1.5kms of water main will be replaced on the following streets: Forrest Street between Railway Road and Denis Street, Denis Street between Hay Street and Barker Road, Catherine Street between Hay and Roberts Streets, York Street between Catherine and Hamilton Streets 


Who can I contact?

For 24 hour faults and emergencies please contact 13 13 75


Project updates including full details of traffic management will be provided to you throughout the work.


Sarah Bennett

Community Engagement Officer (Water Corporation)
Phone: (08) 9420 2587 (office hours)

Toby Taylor

Project Manager (Georgiou)
Phone: 0437 805 163 (office hours)


Pipes for Perth

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Pipes for Perth Customer Solutions team on (08) 9420 3529, available weekdays during business hours.

Alternatively, please email

For 24 hour faults and emergencies please contact 13 13 75

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