Yealering water supply

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Project goal:

To improve the quality and reliability of Yealering’s water supply


In construction

Delivery Date:

October 2017 - February 2018

What's happening?

In early October we started work to improve the reliability of supply and quality of water delivered to customers in the town of Yealering.

This work will involve construction of two new 60,000 litre water storage tanks, a new booster pump station and a new water treatment plant.

Buried pipelines will also be constructed to supply the town from the new tank site.

This work is expected to be completed by the end of February 2018.

Where is this happening?

The tank site will be constructed within the reserve located at the corner of Baxter Street and Wickepin-Corrigin Road. The water treatment plant and tanks will be located within this fenced site.

Buried pipelines will be constructed along Wickepin-Corrigin Road from the new tanks to supply the town's reticulation system. These will be constructed by digging an open trench, which will be backfilled and restored. Full restoration will take place when the entire work is complete.

An access road to the tank site will also be constructed from Roberts Road.

Hours of construction

Work will take place from Monday to Saturday, 7am to 6pm and Guidera O'Connor will be completing this work in behalf of Water Corporation, as an authorised contractor.  

Will this work impact me?

There will be low-level construction noise from the machinery used as part of this work and some dust; however this will be managed in accordance with our Environmental Management Plan. Access to a few properties along Baxter Road may be temporarily restricted, whilst we install a section of the new water supply pipeline, however these customers impacted will be provided with advanced notice regarding this work.

Reminder about your water pressure

As we informed you back in April 2017, Yealering's pressure is gradually being reduced to a more standard level.

There will be a further pressure reduction when we've finished this project, ensuring we safeguard the town's water pipes from future breaks and leaks.

We will undertake the reduction in stages to ensure the impact of these changes is minimised. You may notice some changes to your pressure when this occurs, however there should be sufficient pressure for everyday use. If you experience any issues please contact Elecia Wheat, Advisor – Community Engagement on (08) 9420 3265.

Will my dishwasher, washing machine, hot water system and toilets still work the same?

Some appliances may take slightly longer to fill after your pressure has been lowered. However, most hot water systems, dishwashers and toilets are designed to work with pressures of 15mH to 20mH.

What if I have a problem with my water pressure?

If you think you may already have low water pressure you can carry out this simple test:

Step 1: Write down the black and read numbers on your meter, making sure all taps and water using devices are turned off first.
Step 2: Turn on your front garden tap for 60 seconds. Make sure you collect this water and use it to water your garden or pot plants.
Step 3: Take another meter reading and subtract the first meter reading from the last. This will tell you how much water came out within the 60 second period.

If your current pressure is a concern to you, Water Corporation can arrange to test the pressure for you at no charge. You will not need to be at home when they do this, they will just be accessing your water meter and a front tap.

Further information or feedback

For further information regarding this project, please contact Elecia Wheat on the details above or via email at If you are currently  experiencing problems with your water supply service, please contact us on 13 13 75.

Map showing water supply network in Yealering.

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