Broome nutrient management

We are taking action to address concerns around nutrient levels in Roebuck Bay.

Broome South Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

The Broome South WWTP sits on the southern coastline of the Broome Peninsula.

Outbreaks of Lyngbya Blooms (blue-green algae) have been recorded in Roebuck Bay and are thought to be linked to nutrient levels in the waterway.

There are many sources of nutrients along the Broome peninsula that could contribute to Roebuck Bay including, stormwater runoff, farming, agriculture and septic tanks.

A study by ECU found that the main sources contributing to nitrogen in seagrass in the bay were either naturally occurring or from synthetic fertilisers, not treated wastewater. Download the study report.

While this study did not find any evidence of treated wastewater contributing to nitrogen in seagrass in Roebuck Bay, we are continuing to take steps to reduce the likelihood of the Broome South WWTP contributing nutrients.

These steps include:

  • completion of a project to reline a pond to contain wastewater at the Broome South WWTP;

  • reducing the number of wastewater  treatment ponds at the Broome South facility from seven to four ponds;

  • significantly reducing inflows to the Broome South WWTP by modifying Broome’s wastewater system

  • undertaking environmental investigations, as required by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, and overseen by an independent auditor.

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation site classification

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) classified the Broome South WWTP site as contaminated due to elevated levels of nutrients in the groundwater beneath the site, extending towards the Broome golf course.

We provide recycled water to the Broome golf course to irrigate the greens, saving precious drinking water. This site is classified as possibly contaminated.

The DWER’s classification doesn't mean that the Broome South WWTP contributes wastewater or nutrients to Roebuck Bay, but it is a matter we are investigating and taking very seriously.

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