Brighton Groundwater Scheme

This third pipe scheme supplies properties in the Brighton estate in Butler with non-drinking water to irrigate their garden. We are the owner and operator of the scheme, having taken over from the Satterley Property Group in 2015.

Switching on your sprinklers this spring

In September, we’ll be switching back on the Brighton third pipe scheme so you can automatically irrigate your garden again after the winter sprinkler switch-off. Although winter is over, we encourage you to keep your irrigation controller switched off as long as possible and manually operate your system until your garden needs regular watering.

From Sunday 1 September, you will be able to turn on your irrigation controller by switching the mode from ‘Off’ to ‘Auto Run’.

The timer is already programmed for your scheduled watering days and times.

If you are no longer using the third pipe scheme, we encourage you to keep your controller in ‘Off’ mode.

How to contact us

For all future scheme enquires, replacements and complaints please contact us on 13 13 75.

It is important that all customer enquiries are now managed through 13 13 75 (and not our contractors), to ensure we record your contact and resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What are my watering days and times?

Your irrigation system is programmed to operate three days a week, in line with the Department of Water and Environment garden bore user regulations. Watering times are:

  • Odd numbered houses - between 12 midnight and 3am on your standard watering days
  • Even numbered houses - between 3am and 6am, on your standard watering days

Still not sure? Look up your watering days.

What kind of water does the scheme use?

The third pipe scheme draws water from the local shallow aquifer via five bores in the public open space. Pressure is used by the bores to push groundwater to connected properties through a series of pipes (known as a collector main system) to their individual irrigation controller.

We maintain the bores, meters and pipes that make up the collector main system. All reticulation systems downstream of the irrigation controllers are to be maintained by property owners.

As this is non drinking water, the water supplied from the third pipe scheme must only be used for watering your lawn and garden through your irrigation system. All external taps are to be connected to normal drinking water supplies.

The water meets Department of Health standards for garden irrigation and is monitored regularly, with the system automatically programmed to operate between 10pm and 6am to minimise exposure.

Please do not use this water for drinking, making beverages, ice or food preparation, bathing, showering or any purpose which may result in the water being consumed or inhaled.