Brighton Groundwater Scheme

Also known as the 'Third Pipe' scheme, the Brighton Groundwater Scheme supplies non-drinking water to properties in Brighton for the purpose of garden irrigation.

The scheme, the first of its kind in WA, has been operating as a trial since 2006. While reducing demand on drinking water supplies, it has also helped to reduce overall water use in Brighton.

Approximately 1,150 properties in Brighton have the service available to them, allowing them to irrigate their lawns and gardens with a water source other than drinking water. 

Water Corporation is now the owner and operator of the scheme, having recently taken it over from the Satterly Property Group.

Please turn off your irrigation for the winter sprinkler ban

A permanent winter sprinkler ban applies to all bore and scheme water users from 1 June to 31 August each year.

Please switch your Brighton Third Pipe Groundwater Scheme irrigation controller from ‘Auto Run’ to ‘Off’ by 1 June 2016. Your controller box should be located on the side of your house.

As in past years, we’ll also be switching off the bores which supply your non-drinking water during the ban. It is important to switch your irrigation controller to ‘Off’ to reduce the likelihood of damage to your reticulation system or controller box while the bores are not running. Any damage to your reticulation is your responsibility.

On 1 September 2016, we’ll be switching the bores back on and you can switch your irrigation controller back to ‘Auto Run’.

To find out more about the winter sprinkler ban visit

What kind of water is used?

The Brighton Groundwater Scheme will draw water from the shallow aquifer in the local area via a series of bores location in the public open space.

What can the water be used for?

The water supplied as part of the Brighton Groundwater Scheme must only be used for watering your lawn and garden through your irrigation system. All external taps will be connected to normal drinking water supplies.

Groundwater supplied through this scheme is not suitable for drinking, cooking, swimming, food preparation or bathing. 

The groundwater source meets the Department of Health's requirements for garden irrigation. We will continue to monitor the water quality, guided by the Department of Health.

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