Reducing water use

Working with all sectors of our community to become more water efficient is an important part of our plans. By 2030 we aim to reduce the amount of water supplied per person to 110kL – without impacting on quality, lifestyle and amenity.

Why do we need to reduce our water use?

A long term, sustained focus on using less water is central to living with less rainfall and becoming climate resilient.

Benefits of using less water:

  • It’s better for the environment. Using less water minimises the amount of groundwater we have to abstract and our energy use associated with producing other water sources like desalination.
  • It defers the costs of investing in new water sources and infrastructure and the price increases which come with this.

Our average per person water use has decreased over recent years but Perth still remains one of the highest water using cities in Australia. 

Some of the projects that will help achieve our goal

Water saving programs – we continue to run a range of water efficiency programs, many co-funded with the Australian Government Water for the Future program

Smart metering – we are installing smart meters in some areas which enable us to read meters remotely and get hourly data. This means more information on how and when water is used.

Waterwise partnerships – providing community education on sustainable water use with our partner organisations.

Waterwise advice and services – endorsement of waterwise plumbers, garden centres, garden irrigators and more.

Working with business – we assist business and industry to conduct water assessments to identify opportunities to save water.

Waterwise Schools Program – educating school communities about water issues.

Waterwise Councils – encourages and recognises improved water use management in local government.

Water pressure management – pressure management is one of our strategies to reduce water loss and save over 10 billion litres of water a year across WA.

Some top tips...

Don't leave the water running while washing your hands

Lather soap in your hands before rinsing under the tap.

Adjust your irrigation time as the weather changes

Only use sprinklers when it's absolutely necessary and turn them off when rain is forecast.