Securing Perth's water supply

We have a long term plan in place to secure our water future for generations to come.

In response to the early signs of a drying climate, our 50-year plan to secure Perth’s water supplies was first released in 2009 after extensive consultation with the community. This was followed by the release of a second plan in 2011 with a 10-year horizon.

Since the 1970’s rainfall has reduced by around 19 per cent but streamflow to dams has declined much more dramatically. Over the last decade we have introduced new climate independent sources of water – seawater desalination and groundwater replenishment - to help secure supplies.

By 2030, we expect a further 70 to 100 gigalitres of additional climate independent water will be required to support Perth’s water needs, providing our targets for water use reduction and recycling are met.

Our plans to secure Perth’s water supply into the future include:

  • Continuing to help Perth households and businesses use even less water and make greater use of recycled water
  • Expanding our Groundwater Replenishment Scheme and investigating further opportunity for reuse of treated wastewater
  • Increasing the capacity of our existing desalination plants
  • Expanding our deep groundwater network
  • Investigating new desalination plants at Kwinana and Alkimos