Looking after our wastewater system

Putting the wrong things down toilets and sinks can cause wastewater blockages and overflows, which can damage your home and our wastewater system.

We only manage half of the wastewater system, with the rest located on your property.  We all have a responsibility to make sure we don't let the wrong things enter the system.

Food waste disposal units

Food waste disposal units are under-sink devices that grind food waste into small particles that can be flushed to wastewater drains.

These units must not be installed in homes discharging to our wastewater system. They are prohibited under by-laws. Food waste is better disposed of via the solid waste disposal system.

Clear your outside gullies

Person wearing yellow gloves clearing an overflow relief gully

The overflow relief gully in your backyard is connected to the wastewater system.

It is usually near a bathroom or laundry and is designed to release any wastewater away from the home in the event of a wastewater blockage.

  • Don't cover your gully with pot plants, landscaping or any other objects. If there is a wastewater blockage and your gully is covered you risk an overflow inside your house
  • Don't pour liquids or chemicals down your gully – they are harmful to the environment and to our system.

Trade waste

Trade waste is any wastewater discharged from your business other than waste from office facilities or staff amenities.

If you're disposing waste to the wastewater system, you need to ensure you have a trade waste permit because not all wastes are suitable for our system.

Find out more information on trade waste permits.

Selecting the right trees and shrubs

If you're looking to plant trees or shrubs on your property, it's important to choose appropriate varieties to ensure they don't cause problems below ground. Trees and shrubs rely on their roots to find moisture and nutrients and sewer pipes can be an attractive moisture source.

Find out more information about choosing the right trees and shrubs.