Water recycling case studies

We are committed to recycling 45% of the wastewater we manage by 2030. We have some great case studies and videos that showcase how we are working towards this.

Reducing the amount of scheme water used by business and industry remains vital to securing Perth's water future. A few ways we are helping business and industry reduce their water use are: 

Water recycling in the Kwinana industrial area

The Kwinana Water Recycling Plant is our largest industrial water recycling plant, providing about 17 million litres per day of high quality recycled water to several large industrial customers through a dedicated pipe network. 

Water recycling in the Kwinana industrial area

How Kwinana Industry has halved its use of scheme water

It’s the industrial hub of Perth, but the Kwinana Industry Area has more than halved its use of precious drinking scheme water, by using recycled water and improving efficiencies.

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Onsite recycling 

We are committed to reduce the use of drinking water at our four biggest wastewater treatment plants in Perth – at Subiaco, Beenyup, Woodman Point and Kwinana. Our aim is to increase onsite recycling to 90% by 2015. See how we are working towards this. 

Recycling at our wastewater treatment plants

Recycling supporting a small community

Kulin is a small town of 350 people located approximately 280km south-east of Perth. Like many towns in the area, it has been heavily affected by the drying climate in recent years. Read about how a wastewater recycling scheme is providing a water source for the future – and looking after the town’s oval.

Recycling for public open space in Kulin

Albany Tree Farm 

Recycled water from Albany Wastewater Treatment Plant is being used to irrigate two Tasmanian Blue Gum plantations at the Albany Tree Farm – our first commercial tree farm irrigated with recycled water.  

Water recycling for Albany Tree Farm

Replenishing Capel Wetlands

In the South West region, the Swamphen, Island and Peninsula wetlands are enhanced with 30 million litres of treated and disinfected wastewater each year from the Capel Wastewater Treatment Plant. This innovative solution also boosts the wetlands ecosystem health.

Water recycling to replenish Capel Wetlands

Irrigation scheme greens McGillivray Oval

Now in its tenth year of operation, McGillivray Sporting Complex is the first large scale green space irrigation scheme in the Perth metropolitan area to use recycled water. 

Recycling for public open space – McGillivray Oval

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