There are many little things that we can all do to help save water in our homes this summer.
Let’s do this together and Stay Waterwise WA!


We've put together our top tips for a waterwise summer. There's something for everyone!
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Quick tip: Take shorter showers!
 Reducing shower times is one of the easiest ways to save water – and saving hot water also reduces energy bills.

Four minutes is the waterwise shower time, so if we only shower as long as a 4 minute song we can save a lot of water, while still getting squeaky clean.


Wheelbarrow with gardening rewards  Mother and son in backyard  Man adjusting irrigation timer

Give your garden a reward

Register now for available offers on selected Waterwise endorsed soil improvers, wetting agents and mulch, to help our gardens through summer.


Create a personalised action plan

Try our water use calculator to find out how waterwise your home is compared to others like yours, and see where you can start saving water.


Get to know your irrigation system

Did you know that different types of sprinklers have different watering rates? Use our guide to find the recommended watering times for yours today!



Did you know?

You may be surprised that 70% of water from the Integrated Water Supply System
(this is the scheme that supplies water to Perth, Goldfields and some of the South West) is used by residential customers.

This means that we have the greatest potential to save water in our homes and gardens. 
And we really can make a difference just by making a few small changes in our everyday lives.