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Enter your address in the search below to find out if there are any outages or works near you. Please note we only provide water services in the state of Western Australia.

If you're experiencing a water outage not listed on this page, please call our 24/7 emergency response team on 13 13 75. TTY users please phone 13 36 77 (National Relay Service) and ask for 13 13 75.

Additional outages & works

Sometimes our outages don’t make it on our map. Please check the table below for additional updates.

Date Suburb Location Issue Start Time Expected Restoration Time
25/07/2024  Eglinton  Lindquist Vista Unplanned Works 7:40am  3:00pm 
25/07/2024  Bodallin  Bodallin North Rd Unplanned Works  9:00am 2:00pm 
25/07/2024  Seville Grove  Cabra Ave Unplanned Works  9:40am  1:40pm

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Water issues 

Report a fault

Use our online form to report a fault or water quality issue – or call 13 13 75 if it's urgent.

Leaking meter

View our step by step guide to find out what to do if your meter is leaking.

Leak detection

Use our handy tool to check if you have a leak and find out how to fix it.

Faulty, damaged or missing meter

Find out what you need to do if your meter is not working or missing.

Request maintenance

Use our online form to lodge a maintenance request for assets and areas that are Water Corporation responsibility.

Low water pressure

Learn how to test your water pressure and what to do if it is lower than normal.

Water quality

Find out why your water might taste, smell or look unusual and what you can do in this situation.

Water won't shut off

Can't shut off your water? Find out what you can do.

Sewer blockage or overflow

Find out what to do if your sewer is blocked or toilet won't flush.

Wastewater & mains water flooding

Find what you need to know in the event of a wastewater or mains waterflood.