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As our climate changes, so does our access to water. Depending on how much rainfall runoff flows into our dams, there are fluctuations in our water source mix. Alongside desalination, groundwater plays an important role in sustaining our water supply, delving into the earth's underground aquifers. To protect our lakes and wetlands and further secure our supply, we're investing in a deep groundwater network. This will allow us to continue to reduce our groundwater withdraw from environmentally sensitive areas.

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Get water supply alerts delivered to your phone or email and stay informed about outages affecting your home or business, including outage times and when your water is back on.

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Adapting our water supply to climate change

Ever wondered how climate change has affected our water supply?

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Submitting a tax return?

Use our property rates search tool to view water rates for properties across WA, find information on the previous year for tax returns and locate water and sewer services.

Be waterwise

Be waterwise

In the face of climate change, everyone has a part to play in protecting and changing how we use water.

From discovering tips on how to save water in your home or business, to following your watering day schedule, it's important we think climate change and be waterwise.

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24/7 water

When you need us most, we're here to help. Our team of solution seekers are available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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28 Jun 2024 | Update

Help us review our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

We are currently reviewing our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2019-2024 and we are looking for your input on how we can be more accessible and inclusive to everyone.

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26 Jun 2024 | Update

Our new Aboriginal artwork

Honouring the past and inspiring the future through our new Aboriginal artwork.

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08 May 2024 | Update

Winning Waterwise Ways

Water Corporation and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation celebrate the water efficiency achievements of local government, businesses, buildings, developments and aquatic centres.

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