Think climate change. Be waterwise

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How Perth's water sources have changed over time

Climate change has dramatically affected where we get our water from. We can no longer rely on the rain to meet our water needs.

As we continue to feel the impacts of climate change, we have adapted. We are working with government, partnering with businesses and supporting the community to take action on climate changes.

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We're here for you

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the Wooroloo bushfire. We’re here to help impacted customers, learn about our relief options.

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Adapting our water supply to climate change

Ever wondered how climate change has affected our water supply?

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Years of declining rainfall means less water flowing into your dams.

* Average monthly streamflow between 1911 - 1974


Latest updates


26 Mar 2021 | Media Release

Perth weekly water update - 26 March 2021

Latest metro water use, dam levels, streamflow and rainfall data.

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26 Mar 2021 | Update

Est. 1995: Looking back at our Waterwise Schools Program

For 25 years, we have been working with schools to empower future generations to become sustainability ambassadors.

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  • Community
26 Mar 2021 | Update

Why you don’t want a leaky toilet

Find out how you can save water in the toilet including how to check for possible leaks.

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  • Wastewater

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