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05 May 2022, AWST 14:00 | Incident Update

Sewer main emergency repair works – Town of Cottesloe

Water Corporation is conducting emergency repairs to a damaged sewer main at Car Park One on Marine Parade, Cottesloe.

  • Service alert
  • Wastewater
16 May 2022 | Update

A fruitful outcome for Yakanarra

Thanks to a new citrus garden planted using a grant from Water Corporation and Lions Club of Broome, there will be healthy snack options for a remote Kimberley community.

  • Community
  • Grants
  • Plants
Johnny Darryl and Jermaine planting a citrus tree in Yakanarra
04 May 2022 | Update

Waterwise champions making it their business to save water

Using water sustainably is good for business. Just ask this year's waterwise award recipients.

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  • Waterwise businesses
  • Waterwise councils
  • Waterwise developments
Sitting area at OneFiveOne Hamilton Hill
04 Apr 2022 | Update

2022 Community Choice Awards

The Community Choice Awards recognises leading Waterwise Councils, as voted by you. The shortlisted projects are all innovative and create benefits for the community

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  • Waterwise
  • Waterwise councils
17 Jan 2022 | Update

Proof of vaccination required for visitors to Water Corporation sites

Proof of vaccination is required when visiting a Water Corporation site

  • COVID-19
  • Community
08 Nov 2021 | Update

South Hedland Water Supply Interruption

Water has now been restored to residents in South Hedland, Wedgefield and surrounding areas.

  • Service alert
  • Water issues
  • North West
Water Corporation drop logo
13 Oct 2021 | Update

Local gardener creates a beautiful waterwise verge garden

Waterwise verge competition winner, Kerry, has transformed his verge into an eye-catching garden that's not only waterwise but provides habitat for local wildlife, too. Find out how he did it.

  • Waterwise
  • Plants
  • Residential
Waterwise verge competition winner, Kerry
05 Oct 2021 | Update

Taking electric shock training into our own hands

Water Corporation employees raise awareness of electrocution risks by developing a training app for their peers.

  • Meters
Screenshot of the safety app
20 Aug 2021 | Update

20 years of Research and Development at Water Corporation

As our Research and Development program turns 20, we reflect on some of our big wins that have changed the way we deliver water services to the WA community.

  • History
  • Water sources
  • Community
Perth Seawater Desalination Plant
12 Aug 2021 | Update

Groundwater isn't being replenished as it once was, affecting local wildlife

Declining groundwater levels are threatening the habitat of some native species.

  • Water sources
  • Climate change
Image of lady walking with a pram by the water at Picnic Cove Park in Joondalup