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We produce many media statements throughout the year reflecting aspects of our diverse business. On this page, you will find all of our media statements for the past five years. For older statements, please contact

New water source in Djarindjin marks brighter future

First anniversary of Aboriginal Communities Water Services program

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19 Jul 2024 | Media Release

Albany Athletics Club set to save with waterwise makeover

Around 400,000 litres of precious drinking water – equivalent to 10 backyard swimming pools – will be saved by the Albany Athletics Club each year thanks to a waterwise makeover of its Sanford Road clubhouse.

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  • South West
Albany Athletics Club Makeover
15 Jul 2024 | Media Release

Taps begin to flow on Denmark Pipeline

From mid-July, around 2,500 homes and businesses in Denmark will, for the first time, begin receiving most of their drinking water via the $25 million Denmark Pipeline.

  • Great Southern
  • Water sources
10 Jul 2024 | Media Release

Hillarys rescue highlights pitfalls of illegally accessing Water Corporation infrastructure

The recent dramatic rescue in Hillarys (25 June) of a man stuck down a 3-metre-deep hole highlights the dangers of digging near water and sewer pipelines, as Water Corporation reports weekly occurrences of both unauthorised and unsafe excavations.

  • Perth
03 Jul 2024 | Media Release

Smart meters to save more precious water in Exmouth

Around 1600 smart meters will be rolled out across Exmouth from mid-July under the Cook Government’s $1.25 million project to improve water efficiency and help customers reduce their bills.

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Digital meter install
02 Jul 2024 | Media Release

New water source in Djarindjin marks brighter future

Djarindjin is benefiting from a $20.4m investment in new water infrastructure, as the Cook Government continues to lay the long-term foundations for safer and more reliable water services in Aboriginal communities.

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  • Bores
  • North West
Karen Willis, cultural monitor Andrew Sampi, Water Minister Simone McGurk, and Kimberley MLA Davina D’Anna

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