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How we're adapting to climate change

To protect our unique lifestyle in WA, we've had to understand the impacts of climate change and its varying effects across our region.

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Our water

As our climate changes, so does our access to water. Depending on how much rainfall runoff flows into our dams, there are fluctuations in our water source mix. Alongside desalination, groundwater plays an important role in sustaining our water supply, delving into the earth's underground aquifers. To protect our lakes and wetlands and further secure our supply, we're investing in a deep groundwater network. This will allow us to continue to reduce our groundwater withdraw from environmentally sensitive areas.

Climate & environment

We have had to adapt to the impacts of climate change to protect our unique WA lifestyle. By developing rainfall-independent drinking water sources, we're securing our water future. Learn about how climate change is impacting our state, our water sources, and our journey to a sustainable water cycle.

Water recycling

Increasing the amount of water we recycle is essential to helping WA become more climate resilient. Learn more about water recycling in WA.

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Environment & sustainability

Caring for our most valuable resource is a big responsibility. Find out how we're planning for a sustainable future and reducing our emissions.

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You can help

Our water has never been more valuable and how we use it can result in significant savings. Learn how you can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Water saving tips

Streamflow & rainfall

Declining rainfall is affecting the amount of rainfall runoff (streamflow) into our dams. Stay up to date with streamflow and rainfall data and find out how our water use is tracking.

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Perth’s winter rainfall is predicted to decrease by up to 15% by 2030.

Updated: Wednesday, 17 July 2024 Learn more about how this data is updated

* Average monthly rainfall (for the period 1876 - 2016).
Dam volumes, rainfall and water use data is updated every working day, streamflow is updated weekly.

Adapting our water sources

We're the largest water utility globally, by area serviced, on the world's driest inhabited continent. With this, we face significant climate change impacts. Find out how we've diversified our water sources to ensure a secure water supply.


Groundwater remains a vital water source, but its also under pressure due to climate change and increasing demand.

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Is a water source that doesn’t depend on rain. Since 2006, desalinated seawater has helped supply Perth with drinking water.

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Around 20% of Western Australia's wastewater is recycled after treatment. Our commitment is to recycle 35% of wastewater by 2035.

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News & updates


Stay up to date on how we are evolving and working to deliver water in the most sustainable way possible throughout Western Australia.

Our Partnerships and Education team are taking proactive steps towards education for sustainability.
29 Sep 2023 | Update

Education for sustainability

Our Partnerships and Education team are taking proactive steps towards education for sustainability.

  • Education
  • Climate change
Our Southern Seawater Desalination Plant
28 Nov 2022 | Update

Wind is powering our way to net zero

We are on a mission to deliver drinking water in the most sustainable way possible. That’s why we’re developing one of WA’s largest wind farms. This will provide us with a quarter of our clean energy needs.

  • Environment
  • Climate change
Testing treated wastewater
01 Sep 2022 | Update

Giving back to Perth's groundwater supply

We were the first utility in the country, and among the first in the world, to use groundwater replenishment. Stage 2 is now complete allowing us to recharge Perth's aquifers with up to 28 billion litres of purified recycled water each year.

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