Climate change directly affects the availability of water. We all have a role to play to protect it and to adapt the way we use water.

Learn about the many ways you can save water in your home and garden along with finding waterwise plants, a range of specialists and products that can help you.

Waterwise advice

Find handy tips and simple ideas to help you save water in your home and garden.

Waterwise plants 

Plants suited to our climate need less water, are low maintenance and will look great in your garden. Use our directory to find out which waterwise plants will grow best where you live.

Featured plants for winter 2020

Aloe Cultivars

Aloe-Aloe cultivars

Very tough plants in a range of forms from small rosettes to bushy, 2 metre high plants. Flowers spikes are held above foliage and are very attractive to birds as a source of nectar.

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Callistemon Dwarf Hybrids Cultivars

Dwarf Bottlebrush Hybrid Cultivars

Small flower clusters make a great show in spring. Excellent selections for hedges. Grows to less than 1 metre high and wide.

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Waterwise specialists

We have endorsed specialists across WA to help you with garden landscaping, irrigation, household plumbing and lots more. Use our search tool to find a waterwise specialist near you.

Waterwise offers

We offer rebates and discounts on products to help you save water in your home and garden. Below are two of our current offers.