Plants suited to our climate need less water, are low maintenance and will look great in your garden. Use our directory to find waterwise plants that will grow best where you live.
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Waterwise plant criteria

Did you know we use almost half of our household water in our gardens? So choosing waterwise plants makes sense – they're low-fuss and they look great!

Think about grouping plants with similar watering needs so you can create a beautiful garden and water more efficiently. 

*If you are located in the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Northern Goldfields or Interior, then waterwise is used to indicate that once the plant is established in improved soil it will only need at most, watering every four days during summer and less during cooler months. For the remainder of WA, including Perth and the South West, waterwise is used to indicate that once the plant is established in improved soil it will only need watering once a week during summer or on your rostered watering days and less frequently, if at all, during cooler months.

During establishment or planting phase, some plants may need a bit more care and attention than others, which is why we have provided a handy 'Water rating' of either minimum maintenance, little maintenance or medium maintenance. For example, succulents will need minimal watering during establishment phase compared to a kangaroo paw.

Design and plant selection for bushfire

Many waterwise plants can also be used in gardens in high bushfire risk areas. Find out more about landscaping for bushfire.

Weed policy

This waterwise plants directory for Western Australia does not have a role in determining the weed status of plants. This is managed by the Department of Agriculture and Food. Should the weed status of a plant change, this will be reflected in the next update of the directory.

Featured plants for winter 2022


False Sarsaparilla, Coral Pea

A fast growing evergreen climber with masses of rich violet-mauve or white pea shaped flowers during late winter and early spring.

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eucalyptus caesia

Caesia, Gungurru

A great waterwise feature tree suited to most well-drained soils in a full sun position. It produces large pinkish-red blossoms from winter to spring.

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