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Our online action plan makes it easy to demonstrate your school's commitment to staying waterwise and shows us how you will encourage the waterwise message throughout your school community this year.

We've put together 10 ideas to keep your school stay active in the Waterwise Schools Program.

  1. Submit your completed Waterwise Action Plan by the end of term 1 every year.
  2. Explore our Waterwise Schools Program offering.
  3. Organise events for National Water Week in term 4 each year.
  4. Insert the Proud to be a Waterwise School logo along with Waterwise tips in your school newsletter and on your school website.
  5. Encourage students to be junior water inspectors by finding and reporting leaks using our leak detection tool.
  6. Have a waterwise student of the month award.
  7. Nominate representatives from each year to be sustainability ambassadors for their year group.
  8. Conduct weekly readings of the school water meter and report consumption at your assembly.
  9. Organise a water audit of your school.
  10. Write a newspaper article about your water education activities and send it to local media.