Living in the world’s driest continent, we need to understand how climate change is impacting us and how we can live more sustainably. As climate change, continues to impact our state in several ways, including an increase in average annual temperatures, more extreme weather events and significant changes to rainfall, it’s never been more important to become aware of its effects on where we live.

Because Western Australia has large climate variability, the effects of climate change can vary across our expansive regions which can often lead to a lack of understanding of how it’s impacting us as individuals. Some changes, however, can be seen across most of WA, such as the increase in fire risk.

Already one of the most fire-prone regions in the world, Western Australia’s fire risk has increased over the past 4 decades, and fire seasons have lengthened due to warming and drying conditions. We have also experienced changes in sea levels, with the rate of sea-level rise on the west coast almost 3 times the global average.

Right now, we have genuine opportunities to transform the way we live and reduce our water use and carbon footprint. With increased variability of water availability around the state, it has never been more important to save our precious resource – water

In this section, you can find out how climate change is impacting where you live and  learn how we are shifting to climate independent  water sources, sustainable water practices and reducing water use so that we can continue to enjoy all the things that make WA a great place to live.


Climate change news

24 Nov 2020 | Update

Planting for the future – helping the Carnaby’s cockatoo soar to new heights

Water Corporation is rehabilitating feeding grounds for the critically endangered Carnaby’s black cockatoo. Revegetation also helps to protect and recharge the Gnangara groundwater system.

  • Environment
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Water Corporation CEO Pat Donovan and DBCA staff member Mitch Borgogno.
04 Nov 2020 | Update

Perth a growing city with declining rainfall – adapting to the new normal

Meet our environmental scientist Vanessa Moscovis and learn how her team has been planning climate-resilient water sources to secure Perth’s future.

  • Climate change
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Perth Western Autralia
19 Oct 2020 | Update

Every drop of wastewater recycled at Margaret River facility

Margaret River Wastewater Treatment Plant services the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River. Recent upgrades have doubled the plant’s capacity to 3 million litres of wastewater per day to accommodate for rising population.

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Margaret River, WA wastewater recycling plant