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Living on the world’s driest inhabited continent we need to understand how to save and supply water.

The Waterwise School Program resources provide a tailored educational experience for your students, fully aligned to the Western Australian curriculum objectives. 

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How it works

Designed to engage an appreciation of how valuable water is, choose from our school visits, virtual tours or virtual lessons. Use the supporting activities, or integrate the water supply tool into your programming.

The Waterwise School team is available to deliver hands-on workshops at your school (in person or as a livestream). The workshops are free of charge. Book online to begin the conversation with our team. We'll ensure the workshop builds on your students' knowledge and classroom focus.

Learn about the protection and treatment process of our water sources. One of our educational officers will teach students about the water cycle.

Water supply incursion

Number of students: 30-60
Length: 50 - 60 mins

  • Identify Perth’s drinking water sources
  • Understand the need to protect our catchments
  • Understand the journey of water and its treatment from water sources to water meter
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Number of students: 30-60
Length: 1 hour

  • The role of dams, groundwater and desalination
  • How and why we need to protect our catchment areas
  • Basic water treatment processes
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Number of students: 30-90
Length: 50 - 60 minutes

  • Identify Perth's drinking water sources
  • Outline how Perth's water sources have changed over time
  • Evaluate the need for climate resilient water sources
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Water conservation incursion

Learn about water conservation behaviours and sustainability in this workshop run by one of our educational officers.

Number of students: 30-60
Length: 50 - 60 minutes

  • The importance of water in our lives
  • Why we shouldn’t waste water
  • Students identify simple behaviour changes to reduce water use
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Number of students: 30-60
Length: 1 hour

  • Importance of water for themselves and the environment
  • Why we need to conserve water
  • Students identify how their household can reduce water use
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Number of students: 30-90
Length: 50 - 60 minutes

  • Identify Perth's water sources
  • Explain why and how individuals can conserve water
  • Evaluate the impact climate change is having on Perth's water supply 
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Early years learning

We have a great range of resources to help incorporate water education in to your lessons.

View early years materials

Virtual lessons

Complete learning experiences for students who live in remote areas across WA or are unable to access our school visits.

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Lesson plans

Find lesson plans for Years 2 and 4 that build on our school incursions.

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Virtual tours

Take a peek behind the scenes and learn about the different water treatment processes

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A-Z of waterwords

We have a dictionary of water words to help you with definitions.


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Activity library

Discover WA’s water story with these WA curriculum-linked activities.

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Interactive activities

Perth's water supply

Perth's water supply

Students can locate their homes and investigate surrounding water facilities.

Year group: Yr 2 and above
Curriculum: Science Yr 2–10, Geography Yr 2–10
Length: own pace

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