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Climate change in Western Australia, combined with increased water demand due to population growth, presents significant challenges in managing and sustainably using our water sources. Through our Waterwise Programs, we collaborate with businesses, industries, and local governments to improve water efficiency, climate resilience and liveability.

Since 2007

We've been working with businesses and local governments in Western Australia to save water for over 15 years and saved over 100 billion litres of water.

To put this in perspective, this is more than double the amount of water produced by the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant each year.

Key benefits

  • Building waterwise communities
    Our Programs empower businesses and local governments to act as leaders in promoting efficient and effective water use.
  • Showcasing waterwise leadership
    We hold two annual events. The Waterwise Recognition Event rewards success and leadership in our programs and our Waterwise Forum provides an opportunity to share achievements and challenges amongst peers.
  • Creating water efficient outcomes
    Our Programs support business and local government operations to reduce water use and seek viable water reuse options.
  • Providing ecosystem services
    Our Programs promote urban cooling through improved efficiency and better-designed public open space and streetscapes and promote sustainable water use.

Our programs

Picture of Perth City

Waterwise councils

Every day, Waterwise Councils save water through innovative technologies and initiatives to build liveable and waterwise communities.

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Residents enjoying native garden at Southern Cross Care.

Waterwise businesses

We are currently working with 269 customers to help them reduce water use through water recycling, improved water efficiency and new technology.

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Image of Bold Park's outdoor pool

Waterwise aquatic centres

Waterwise aquatic centres are saving water by incorporating simple and innovative solutions into their daily operations.

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Amble Estate nature playground utilising native and drought tolerant plants which require zero irrigation

Waterwise developments

Waterwise developments help communities respond to our changing environment by implementing waterwise initiatives in landscaping, building practices and education.

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John Tonkin Water Centre – the building is fitted with waterwise fixtures.

Waterwise Building Program

Waterwise buildings are committed to water efficiency and have seen significant improvements in water savings.

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Picture of an Aquatic Centre

Want to join the program?

Join hundreds of Western Australian businesses and save water. We have a wide range of information available to help you get started.

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