Understanding your water bill

Whether you have a household or business account, you've come to the right place to learn about your water bill. You should receive a water bill from us every 2 months.

Your improved bill design

We've been listening to feedback to simplify your bill. We've made it easier to understand your charges and how much water you've used. Find out more about your improved bill design.

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1. Account summary
Your new charges for this bill and the due date. Any concessions, payment arrangements, or other charges related to your account will be summarised here.

2. Daily water use comparison
This graph shows how much water you have used compared to your last bill and the same time last year. Compare your water use to your neighbours or benchmark your business.

3. Water use pricing tiers
We have a tiered pricing system to encourage careful use of water. The more water you use, the higher the price per kilolitre. Learn more for household water use or business water use.

4. Meter read details
We take a meter reading every 2 months. If we can't access your meter, you may be required to submit a meter reading. We'll estimate your water use for a billing period if we can't read your meter.

5. Water use charges
Your household water use is based on a tiered pricing system and is charged per kilolitre. Learn how household water use charges and business water use charges are calculated.

6. Service charges
An annual charge that is divided across your bills for the year. It can include the service of water, sewerage, and drainage. Learn about household service charges or business service charges.

7. Payment options
We have a range of flexible payment options. Stay on top of your bills when you set up a direct debit. Need more time to pay? Get help with paying your bill.

Other bill types

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Service charge only

For residents who are billed service charges only

Water use only

For residents who are billed for their water use only

Vacant land

Issued for accounts that are classed as vacant land

Advice of adjustment

Issued when we make an adjustment on your account

Does your water bill seem high?

Your water bill can be higher than normal for a few different reasons. 

Check why your bill may be high

Average household water use

How much your household uses depends on a number of factors. Find out how your water use compares to similar households. 

Compare your water use

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