If you need help and advice relating to leaks, water pressure, issues with your water meter, water quality and wastewater, we can help.


Find out how to detect a leak, what to do if you have a leaking meter and how to apply for one of our leak rebates.

Water pressure

Learn how to test your water pressure and what you can do if it is higher or lower than normal.

Your water meter

Find out what to do if you have a faulty or damaged meter and how to move or disconnect it.


Learn more about wastewater and mains water flooding, sewer blockages and overflow and septic tank disposal.

Water supply interruptions

Subscribe to water supply alerts to stay informed about outages impacting your property 24/7.

Water quality

Find out what to do if you have noticed a change in your water quality including discoloured water, hard water or a funny taste or smell.

Natural disasters & incidents

Natural disasters can impact your water supply. Find out what you need to know to prepare and plan ahead.