Metro rates & charges

Here you can find out how we bill our customers and all about our charges for residential customers in the metropolitan area.

Charges that make up your bill

Your bill is generally made up of two types of charges - water use charges and service charges. The prices we charge are set by the Government each year.

Every 2 months, we read your water meter and issue a combined water use and service charge bill.  Each charge is shown separately on the back of each bill.

Prior to July 2013, we issued these charges separately.

More about the switch to two-monthly billing

Service charges

You will generally be charged for water, sewer (wastewater) and drainage, depending on which services are available to your property. 

How we calculate the service charge for each bill

Service charges are yearly charges which are spread out over your 2 monthly bills.

For each 2-monthly bill we calculate the service charge component based on the number of days in the billing period. For example, the billing period 1 July to 31 August has 62 days so you will be billed for 62 days of service charges.

These charges help ensure we can always supply you with clean and safe drinking water, and take away your wastewater and dispose of it in a socially and environmentally friendly way.

Water service charges

The yearly water service charge from July 2013 –  June 2014 is $205.71.

Sewerage and drainage service charges

Sewerage and drainage charges are based on your property’s Gross Rental Value (GRV), which is supplied by the Valuer General. The charge is calculated by multiplying a rate (cents in the dollar) by the GRV.

The sewerage tariffs are:

  • 4.47 cents for each dollar of the first $16 700 of the GRV,
  • and 0.83 cents for each dollar thereafter.

(The minimum sewerage charge is $331.99).

The drainage tariffs are:

  • 0.545 cents for each dollar of the rateable value

 (The minimum drainage charge is $93.60).

A few of the things your money goes to:

  • Paying for new water supplies.
  • Transporting water to your home.
  • Providing you the best quality water.
  • Removing wastewater from your home.
  • Treating the wastewater we remove to protect the environment and public health.
  • Maintaining the infrastructure that supplies water to your home, and takes it away again.

Water use charges

We read your water meter every 2 months and bill you for the water used in that period.

The number of days between meter readings will vary. Water use charges are calculated from the date of your last meter reading to the current meter reading. 

Estimated meter reads

When we can't access your meter we will estimate your water use for the billing period. If the estimated reading on your account is significantly different to what is shown on your meter you can provide us with a reading.

At your next meter reading, if your water use is higher or lower than our estimate we will adjust your charges.

If your meter has been estimated 3 times in a row we will contact you to obtain a meter read.

Tiered pricing structure

Water use charges are structured so that the price per kilolitre increases as more water is used throughout the meter reading year.

This is to help encourage the careful use of water - the more water we all use, the more that needs to be spent on new sources!

Our tiered pricing structure is detailed here.  

 Water use (kL)

 Price per kilolitre

 0 - 150 kL  $1.381 /kL
 151 - 500 kL  $1.841 /kL
 Over 500 kL  $2.607 /kL

*Water use charges in July and August 2013 bills will be charged at last years' rates as a portion of the water would have been consumed in that period.

Variations for caravan bays

Different charges apply for caravan bays. These are detailed below. 

Discounts for Aboriginal Communities

Residential land that is occupied as a communal property where several families live, and also manage the land, receive the the following discounts.